I have seen Michelle several times over the last few years.

The first time I went Michelle used the date and time I was born to read my astrological info. I was really impressed with what she told me. She told me a lot about who I am as a person and it was very very accurate. She told me things about my childhood, upbringing and dynamic with my parents. Things that were so accurate it was almost spooky. Things she could not have known even by speaking to my best friends. She said several things to me that are burned into my mind that I have never forgotten that have helped me heal tremendously. I honestly view life differently based on the things she told me. It was followed by a great massage in a wonderfully smelling clean environment. Incredible.

I was going through a crazy life transition a year later and decided to return to her. I was so excited. I got there early and waited in the hallway with excitement. When I heard the door open I was bursting with excitement, I had this expectation she would welcome me back warmly. She emerged and put her hand out to introduce herself … I almost melted. What was such a wonderful first experience for me was completely unmemorable for her. And honestly, I can’t blame her, this is the work she does all day everyday. How can someone be expected to remember all of their clients, especially ones that let so much time pass between going? She said she didn’t remember me because my energy was so different than the first time. I was in a weird transition in my life and did feel like I had changed a lot but couldn’t help to be disappointed that I wasn’t remembered. The second appointment was very repetitive and less valuable to me. She gave me some advice about the decisions I should make in my life and I didn’t end up taking her advice. Maybe that was her plan? I quickly realized what I wanted to do when she strongly recommended the option I didn’t in fact want? Who knows. The second massage was really great.

Overall I would recommend EOS but I don’t know if I’ll ever be back.