I saw Michelle a few months ago while I was back home in SF visiting my folks. At the time, I was coping with a terrible ear infection and thought a lymphatic massage would be beneficial to open my eustachian tubes. I came in extremely sleep-deprived and somewhat hungover, expecting only to address the physical illness I was experiencing, not the emotional and spiritual underpinnings.

I was intimidated by Michelle’s intense and straightforward nature as soon as I walked into her office (also a few minutes late, thus feeling doubly awkward). Alas, I ended up leaving her downtown office feeling like a realigned, invigorated, and whole human being. Although I didn’t anticipate having such a thorough analysis of my personality and life circumstances as a precursor to the massage, this segment of our appointment ended up being the most galvanizing.

Michelle is a very direct and skilled communicator, I could feel her deep understanding and compassion enveloping me as I talked. It’s rare to meet someone so capable of seeing you as an individual and healing you from the inside out. She empowered me to look within myself honestly and address the deeper causes of my recurrent physical maladies, offering an effective and holistic framework for self-work. The bodywork portion of the appointment was also spectacular, and felt like a perfect counterpart to our conversation. Michelle gave me a copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay that has been well-worn in the months since I’ve seen her. Like Hay, Michelle is a champion of personal growth and self-healing.

I live in Denver now but I have every intention of paying her another visit when I’m back in town. Michelle embodies a rare combination: she’s an inspiring, generous, and San Francisco-savvy businesswoman yet also a sparkling, kickass spiritual healer.