I believe that Michelle is a Guru and Mastermind, and we are so lucky to have her practice in the Bay Area. I was thankfully referred to Michelle Bravo by Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation, following aggressive breast cancer, double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. After nearly 2 years of physical and emotional turmoil ( and somewhat stuck in sadness and grief) I am confident that Michelle Bravo’s work is truly a gift that keeps on giving. She is a unique professional where she can teach, nurture and share by using her intuitive gifts and extraordinary talents. Michelle’s knowledge of lymphatic massage coupled with her unique Life Coaching techniques makes for a truly healing informative session.
My body and mind is healthier after just one session since I was able to surrender, relax and trust the process. I’m thrilled to be on her schedule for another massage and coaching session, and await my own marvelous metamorphosis.