This was my second visit with Michelle, only this time I went for the full treatment — “The Body Astrology Lifestyle & Clairsentient Counseling & Massage.” What an amazing treat! Her space is clean & bright & full of delightful surprises (as other reviewers have mentioned, in the form of Smartwater, snacks, books, scents, etc.). The heavy, cotton linens she uses for the massage table are positively heaven on earth! (Warm Things)

Her essential oil blends are amazing. Beautiful, uplifting “Good Morning”, “Earth” for grounding. Customized aromatherapy based on your needs! The massage felt deeply therapeutic, whole body, plus work on areas my emotional tension may be stored.

I am one of those people who actually believes in astrology and likes to use astrological information to explain what shows up in my life. I trust Michelle’s intuitive wisdom based on my birth chart and those of my relationships. I have already put some of her insights to good use. As tools, she suggested techniques to interrupt bad patterns & help me to navigate out of what seemed like a dead-end situation. So far so good!
She made several simple recommendations about nutrition and self-care for me and my loved ones that have already made a bit of a difference.

In short, Michelle is a wonderful masseuse and very generous with her energy & wisdom. As a life counselor she offers practical, nurturing advice which truly helps accelerate positive change, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thank you Michelle!!!!