My sister told me about Michelle. I agree with everyone’s detailed review and accounts on what happens during a session with Michelle. My physical experience through the massage and life coaching is all congruent with all past reviews. I don’t need to repeat what everyone else has already written. Here I will add: You don’t have to be a believer. Just go and do you and your body a favor and see Michelle. I work on a cruise ship as a manager in the entertainment department. I’ve gone to Michelle after every contract. It’s almost like my body tells her all sorts of stuff that I’m not verbally saying to her. She’s like the ‘body whisperer’. I had to comeback another day because Michelle used up the whole 2 hours JUST on my body. The Life Coaching had to be rescheduled. I truly respected the fact that Michelle was committed to the needs of my body’s healing and wasn’t going to allow me to leave ‘half-cooked’. Sounds funny,but it’s true. I left in a beautiful daze and got lost on my way to a Pho’ restaurant for lunch. LOL! It’s been over a month since my last session with Michelle and I’m still feeling the effects of her massage and coaching. Just Do It!