Michelle practices holistic healing techniques that treat the mind, body and soul. Through the precision of astrology, the touch of lymphatic massage and her sensational intuitive ability, Michelle gently narrows to the root of our most inner self to reveal health and healing. Her work with my family continues to bring insight and understanding to each of us. We all better understand each other, forgive and move forward in wonderful and positive ways. I am continuing to benefit from the goals I set for myself since I started working with Michelle. I now feel I’ve leaped over former road blocks and am better able to live the life I want. It feels wonderful to better understand myself and the people I love.

She’s also a wonderful poet! Look for her new book Pulchritudinous Poetry – A Journey of the Self Through the Elements. She and I are collaborating on the book cover I designed for her. She’s a breeze to work with and an overall amazing person that’s great to have in my life!