In one word: AHHHHHMAZING. (And that’s because life-changing is technically two.)

There are countless positive words I can attribute to Michelle’s services, professionalism, and expertise in her dual fields of both massage and coaching, but I will try to keep this concise for the reader’s sake!

I regularly partake in bodywork as part of my own maintenance routine. As a professional chef, I am on my feet for long hours for days in a row, and after Thanksgiving week – 70+ hours standing in only 4 days – my entire body was suffering and my legs, ankles, and feet were terribly swollen. While I have friends who provide lymphatic massage up Sebastopol way, I live in the city and did not want to drive 90 minutes to get completely relaxed and have to drive all the way home, so I did a search for lymphatic massage in SF.

The consistent 5-star reviews drew me in, and I explored the clean and simple EOS website. I followed up with a phone call and left a message as the times and dates I was looking at online were further out than I had hoped. Still, I was planning to book 2 weeks in advance anyway because of the raves! Before I had a chance to, Michelle called me back and my first appointment was booked for the very next morning.

True to reviews, her space is as bright, white, and inviting as a blank page to an artist. The temperature is just right, the sheets & blankets are soft and fresh, and I’ve felt like I was the first person there for the day even though she’s told me that she’d seen other clients before me! The massage itself is thorough with the appropriate level of pressure applied at each of the parts of the body she works on – as in deeper at the shoulders where things can be really tight, and lighter on more tender areas like ankles and knees – and I both saw and felt the physical results immediately as well as after following the hydration and detoxification protocol that she clearly laid out for me.

What I did not expect, and what I am most blown away by and grateful for, was the level of communication that Michelle maintains with both my brain and my body during the massage. She is amazingly intuitive, and in conversation and with the pointed questions of someone who also has a Masters in psychotherapy, she pointedly addressed potential emotional roots to physical symptoms. Vocalized, even I felt my body say “Yes! This is what I have been trying to tell you, Nicole!”, and the whole experience has led me to start making changes both within and without to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and even unnecessary material possessions that are weighing me down and inhibiting forward movement. Since I am one of those people who believes that if we aren’t moving forward or evolving, then we’re stuck in a rut, THIS IS A GREAT THING.

I have already recommended EOS and Michelle to most of the people I know, and share the soundbites of wisdom that she has imparted upon me pretty much daily. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon her business in my Google search, and intend to keep this whole-person-healing-relationship going! THANK YOU MICHELLE!!