Similar to these other reviews, I had an amazing spiritual-coaching & lymphatic massage experience at EOS Lymphatic Massage.

Michelle is extremely professional, personal, knowledgable, patient and empathetic. She got to the source(s) of my illness, and has started my body on the path to healing itself.

I came to see her, because I have been suffering from a strange undiagnosed illness that leaves my body extremely sick every 4-6 weeks. I develop swollen lymph nodes with puffy eyes, full body hives, extreme night-sweats, and exhaustion that leaves me bed-ridden. I have been to a wide variety of doctors, who simply say, that I suffer from severe allergies, and who advise me to stop eating dairy, nuts, shell fish, change my soap, use this lotion, etc., all of which I follow, but to no avail.

When I arrived at the EOS office on Saturday afternoon, I was extremely sick and exhausted, and was expecting just another massage. The office is incredibly clean, white, modern, and comfortable with calming energy.

As we began our session, Michelle asked me many personal and professional questions, and at first, I didn’t understand how this was related to my illness.

Among the many things we discussed, she told me that emotions manifest as chemicals in the body, and that I was holding on to many extremely negative emotions, experiences, and commitments, and that it was time to let them all go. My body was storing them, and they were making me very ill.

She coached me, and did body work for a long time, and I went home exhausted, but grounded, dizzy and feeling whole.

Since our session yesterday, I can feel my body changing, and healing itself. I definitely feel different, and I am getting better. And soon, I am going to be completely healthy.

Michelle is an extremely gifted lymphatic masseur and spiritual coach, and I highly recommend her services. Make sure you sign up for both sessions – they are worth it!