This was hands-down the very best massage and life coaching experience I’ve ever had…and those are some pretty big words for me to say! I visited Michelle after reading many glowing reviews on Yelp during my visit to the Bay Area, and I can’t thank her enough for the experience I had. From the moment I entered Michelle’s space, I knew I was going to be transported to someplace magical from the amazing smells, her dynamic and loving presence, and how comfortable I felt right away. From the get-go, she started assessing me in a way I had never experienced before. She was able to tell where in my body I was holding stress throughout different points of our conversation. She was able to assess so many aspects of my life including work stress, relationships, things from my childhood, and more that left me feeling incredibly enlightened with super concrete things I can apply to my daily life. It was seriously awesome. She is the real deal.
I secretly want Michelle to be my new BFF as her demeanor and bad-assery is something I really want more of in my life! The way she says things is so concrete and relatable. Super legit.
The next part of the session was a 1 hour bodywork massage that left me GLOWING. Yes, all caps GLOWING. I’m a bit of a massage slut and get them often in my hometown of New Orleans from a variety of practitioners. This is the only time where my post-massage GLOW has been something that other people (as in like 5 other people – some were even strangers!) have commented on…and where it lasted for DAYS. Not just hours. Not just the rest of the day. But for DAYS. Michelle has the gift to be able to really tell where you’re holding stress in your body (and can even tell when certain topics of conversation make you tense up!) She removed so much stress and frustration I was holding – I emerged from her space feeling renewed and lighter. Plus she sent me off with a large bottle of water, a piece of fruit, and some other healthy snacks.
In the days after my appointment with her, I’ve referred to her notes often and we have texted back and forth a bit. Her insight into me as a person in this world was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She left me with so many nuggets of wisdom. I WISH I could teleport her to New Orleans so I could become a regular.

In one majorly hyphenated word: you-are-crazy-if-you-don’t-go-right-now-she’s-just-that-good-and-will-change-your-life.