I’ve seen Michelle around 8 times or so in the past year for post-surgical lymphatic massage. After a round of surgeries, I felt pretty beat up, both physically and emotionally. Everything was just STUCK, and I didn’t see a way out. Overall, I was extremely pessimistic and angry.

I had never had a lymphatic massage before, but somehow thought that it would be a good investment after multiple surgeries. I found Michelle by simply Googling “lymphatic massage San Francisco”. She was one of the first search results, and I booked an appointment online. I came to my first appointment expecting a more “clinical” massage that focused on the lymph nodes, but that’s not exactly what Michelle does, or it’s not only what she does. She believes that physical manifestations have their roots in our emotional lives. So much of the time, I don’t connect my physical with my emotional, and I miss so many things that my body is trying to tell me. Like many people, I live too much in my head, and I needed a reminder that my body is HERE and it needs care too.

Many of the things she said to me during my first appointment (and subsequent appointments) have stayed with me. I went in expecting just a regular ol’ massage, but instead, I gained a sort of partner, a sounding board, and guide. Michelle has talked me through relationship and career issues, in addition to my medical issues, and her observations have been spot on. She’s extremely intuitive and perceptive. She’ll surprise you with what she can deduce. If you’re ready to take an honest look at yourself, Michelle is a fantastic partner in that endeavor.