(Out of my head and from my body)

I say that Michelle helped me re-connect to the things I already knew yet neglected for far too long and coached me into understanding how to be within my body (NOW). Not just my head.

With a direct honesty that felt almost shocking at first until I set my conditioned ego aside and allowed this refreshing being in. Her understanding of all the interrelations amazed me and gave me even more thirst for knowledge. The coaching session was eye opening and the body work was clearing and very thorough. I feel different and even feel as though I have my voice back.

Reconnecting is easier than most people think and she helps guide you back to that understanding.

Do you want your Human Experience to be more fulfilling? Do yourself and your friends and or family members a favor..Go see Michelle and open your possibilities to more.

…and that was the just the first consultation / body work session.

I am going back without a doubt.

Thank you Michelle!