I used to get lymphatic massages for my eczema back in the day in Toronto (like… 5-6 years ago), and my eczema was flaring up a tiny bit (also, I just needed a massage). So I searched up “lymphatic drainage” and good ol’ Yelp had pointed me to Michelle. And all I have to say is: “AWESOME JOB, YELP.” I bought the Yelp deal for the 2 hour special.

When you first enter the office, Michelle is there greeting you with a friendly smile. After filling in my intake form, we start talking. Michelle has a natural gift of reading your body, and she was very helpful and intuitive by helping me understand myself. It felt like she had known me for a while. At first, I was a little scared that she could read me so well, but due to her friendly demeanor, I was pretty comfortable afterward. She definitely provided me with a lot of insight into my own body, emotions, etc.

The second hour was the massage. The room was absolutely clean and pristine. With a combination of essential oils and Michelle’s magic hands, I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep.

When I was about to leave, Michelle gave me a large bottle of SmartWater and some snacks for the road. She was also sweet enough to give me a card to thank me for coming in, an anti-stress drink, and two bags of DeTox tea from Yogi.

I had an amazing time at EOS, and will definitely go back again! Definite recommend!