I purchased a yelp deal and went into this massage thinking it was going to be your standard relaxation massage. As soon as I met Michelle, I knew this one was going to be different.

Her space is super cute, cozy, and clean. She offered me a glass of water to start. Before the massage, we chatted for a bit and I quickly learned that Michelle had a unique gift. She was reading me and REALLY listening to what I was saying. She could FEEL what I was feeling. She began asking me questions that dug deeper into my thoughts and emotions, which forced me to further reflect and analyze. Within 10 minutes, we were really digging deep; I consider myself an open, very self-aware individual, but Michelle really surprised me with how much she was able to get me to open up even further. Michelle and I discussed a myriad of personal issues (stresses, positives, challenges, experiences) for about an hour (!) and then proceeded to the massage. The massage was amazing and Michelle continued to connect with me throughout it.

With this one massage, I got a full-on life coaching and self-reflection session; I left feeling astounded by her gift of reading people, at peace with myself, and fully rejuvenated. I feel grateful that I found Michelle through yelp. 🙂 A treatment and massage that I will never forget!

p.s. She sent me home with some snacks and a big bottle of Smartwater! 🙂