Working with Michelle has been transformational with many aspects in my life. Understanding my true potential has been very key in identifying what I need to work on based on my body. This education has far surpassed what I thought was possible and giving me a simple guide to create lasting and immediate change in my physical realm of my body as well as my mind. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for change on all aspects of being.
I have also had the lymphatic massage which was extremely powerful and I can’t wait to book another session to feel the healing aspects of Michelle’s knowing hands. I originally sought Michelle out for my thyroid and anemia issues and very happy that I found so much more in her sessions that I thought was possible. New opportunities immediately appeared, once I had a better understanding how to take care of my body first and foremost, as well as learning how to navigate the world and people around me, to benefit my bodies needs. I look forward to continuing the journey of the continuing process of unfolding and reaching higher.