Michelle is a very gifted professional.

Tuning into clear communication from my body as well as my words, she was able to first give me practical day to day coaching and simple applicable ways to instantly improve my way of being in the world…and that was the just the first consultation.

I went back shortly after for a lymphatic massage which not only felt amazing at the time, but after about 3 solid days later continuing the detoxing and chugging water to flush my system, I felt FANTASTIC, full of energy, vibrant. I had been suffering and complaining about my constant stuffy nose that has seemed to decide to just stay for months after a really bad cold. I was shocked and so very pleased that within a few days the stuffiness…completely cleared up.

Besides that, she’s just an amazing person. She communicates well, very direct, and really seems to care about you. With follow up calls and emails checking in, offering followup advice, she’s so great and my words here don’t really encapsulate the full impact of the experience.

Do yourself a life changing favor and go see her! I’m going back without a doubt!