First of all, I want you to know that I rarely ever use Yelp to write reviews. I only write them if it is well deserved. I was referred to Michelle with EOS Lymphatic Massage by a friend who heard great things about her work and how she can make a huge impact with people in their lives and does great bodywork, especially lymphatic. I thought I would give it a shot because I needed to find someone who does lymphatic massage, since I had surgery not too long ago and my surgeon recommended it. To my surprise, I found an amazing life coach, Michelle, so I am able to take advantage of the best of both worlds; amazing bodywork and help with making me the best I can be. I cannot emphasize this enough, Michelle is so amazing and is helping me change my life with her life coaching and bodywork. She is helping me understand myself and others, both for personal and professional reasons. Not like I do not know myself, but she helps you understand why you do the things you do and with certain people and helps you to be so in tuned and centered with self.

I will be seeing her for session #4 this week and I look forward to my appointments. When I see her, it feels like I am receiving a gift and she makes me feel excited. Michelle always gives me her undivided attention and she remembers what we discuss to the very intricate detail and doesn’t refer back to any notes. She is that good and remembers everything! She is so professional, highly intelligent, genuine and caring. She takes such great care of me and all of her patients and makes me feel so comfortable and I trust her implicitly. I can definitely feel a change in my life and in how my body feels with these few sessions and would highly recommend Michelle to anyone wanting help with positive change to body and mind.

Her office space is so neat, super white, warm and inviting. She takes great care of me and I know she does that with all of her clients. In addition to her great work, she always provides me extra time if she has the time, Smart Water during and a bottle to go after our sessions, fruit, nuts and chocolate. It is well worth the cost! I opted for the 8 session body and life coaching package, which is so worth it! I will sign up again. I feel empowered and so excited! Thank you Michelle!