I found Michelle Bravo when I moved to S.F. I searched for lymphatic drainage massage on Google because I was post-op & needed to continue my lymphatic drainage treatments.
I read Michelle’s reviews on Yelp! & gave her a call. Over the phone, Michelle was polite, helpful & found a perfect time for our first meeting.
From my very first session, I realized Michelle was not only able to help heal my body but also to “read” it in a very beautiful and unusualway. Her style & combination of treatments really impressed me. Nobody I have ever known had had her abilities, talents or skills. After 12 sessions of lymphatic drainage with her (almost 2 months of treatment) my perspective on my life had changed for the better. My body responded so well to her treatments looking slimmer & less swollen that my aunt in Brazil mentioned on Facebook how, “skinny,” I looked! LOL! Magic! J
Her attentive & caring way she works with herclients really made a difference in my post-op healing. Michelle taught me how to connect & take care of my body in a special way that I will do for the rest of my life. I highly recommend her if your are interested not just in lymphatic drainage but also in her particular coaching method Michelle does as she also taught me how to be more confident in my personal life.
Thanks Michelle for all your support!