Going to a life coaching/lymphatic massage session with Michelle was a hugely important and valuable experience in my life. I was going through a major period of transition, and many good things were happening but I was struggling with being overwhelmed and hoping to find some clarity and peace.

Michelle was kind and welcoming of what I had to say and share during the life coaching portion, but she was also firmly honest in pointing out where I was kidding myself or not being completely true to what I needed from myself and others.

I am not a religious or spiritual person, and I do not follow astrology, but this experience was not about focusing on doctrine. Everything she explained to me about my astrological chart was helpful because she related everything to specifics about who I am and why I am certain ways. It wasn’t something like, “hey, here are some signs about you,” it was a deep conversation around understanding my personality and choices and how to best move forward proactively with that knowledge. Her advice was both sound and eye-opening.

The massage was rejuventating and relaxing, but as we kept talking, she started describing releasing negative energy and painful memories from the flesh, and suddenly I got really emotional, which I’d normally never do in front of someone I’d just met, and she stayed with me patiently until everything subsided. I honestly felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest- it’s been a couple of months and I still feel the effect of lifting away the negativity, which has led to me being less anxious and much more open in general.

I would recommend seeing Michelle to absolutely everyone!