I just had my first session with Michelle yesterday and I already feel better about myself and my body! A little background on me, I had plastic surgery a little over a month ago which has been a really, really traumatic and difficult experience for me. I had read about lymphatic drainage massage before surgery for scar tissue (lumps under the skin) that develops after surgery and found Michelle here on Yelp. From the very first time we spoke on the phone, I could feel her compassion and her desire to help me feel better. Fast forward to my session, she helped me begin to understand myself and my body in a way that I had not thought about before. The massage itself was great, she was working all of the spots I had scar tissue build up without having to tell her exactly where I felt it. She knows her stuff. This morning when I woke up, I was surprised that the lumps felt smaller and smoother already! Even my brother was surprised at the difference when he took a look just now. Michelle has helped give me hope that I will see the results I want from my surgery in time when my body heals and I will most definitely be seeing her again for more sessions throughout this process. If you are considering plastic surgery or had plastic surgery, I highly recommend seeing Michelle to help not only with the physical aspect of healing but also the emotional side of the experience.