The whole family loves working with Michelle! She is very intuitive and tailors her work for each individual.

Each one of us comes with different medical issues and turn to Michelle for help and healing. She has taught us to work with her in an effort to release the energy of what does not serve us any longer. This encourages us to make space for things we want in life.

She has provided us with techniques to deal with stress, pain, and physical, emotional and spirtual issues. Michelle combines many kinds of techniques including acupressure, lymphatic, astrological aromatherapy and other transpersonal therapies. She does great transformational work while spoiling us with smart water and goji berries, chocolate covered almond treats.

We pass her name to our friends and familu or anyone who is looking for a deep healing with respect and awe. Often we have the response, “thanks for such a great present.”

She is a truly gifted healer and all should be fortunate enough to have a chance to work with her.

Daniella M (daughter) and Florence M (mother)