Michelle is hands down (no pun intended) the best massage therapist in the Bay Area. It’s hard to describe the high level of her skills in the areas of massage, aromatherapy and life coaching, but I’ll do my best. Her massages are relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating, and therapeutic. She always greets me with a welcoming and positive energy and a soothing smile, even at the end of long days where she’s already given many massages. The sessions always begin with Michelle checking in with you about my emotional state, and she uses this information to the focus of her body and aromatherapy she’ll custom tailor to each session. She concentrates much effort on stimulating the lymphatic system, which involves massaging spleen, liver, kidneys and abdomen. Few massage therapists pay any attention to these areas, but Michelle has mastered the fine art of massaging these sensitive areas. Her hands are incredibly powerful, but also gentle, and she uses this combination of her power and gentleness in an intelligent way that yields very positive results. She also is able to identify the areas of your body where your energy is blocked and uses state of the art techniques to removed the blocks and get your energy flowing again. Michelle is also a highly trained aromatherapist. During her massages, she uses pharmaceutical grade essential oils to compliment her body work. The symbiotic impact of her massage and aromatherapy skills is quite simply awe inspiring. I feel the delightful results of her work for days after the massage. Michelle also gives insightful and intelligent life coaching advice based on astrological charts. If only I had listened more to her observations. I could have averted from several major personal and financial disasters in my life resulting from my failures to acknowledge my astrological profile. Michelle is totally dedicated to her clients and genuinely cares about her clients. Her studio is small but tastefully appointed and impeccably maintained and organized. Put simply, Michelle is an absolute gem. Her reviews on Yelp are all full of praise, which says most everything about her. I could not possible recumbent her more highly.