For Christmas, I had received a gift certificate from my boss for a 2-hour life coaching session and, unsure of what life-coaching would entail, it took me forever to actually use the gift card. So, six months later, I finally got in. My only regret was not going sooner. It was an overall very uplifting, empowering, and calming experience.

I can only talk for the life coaching (which I noticed there’s a Yelp deal for; y’all should snatch that up), but it consists of an one hour discussion about what astrology says about your personality and character and then an hour of massage.

I have to admit, I’ve never been extremely dependent on astrological beliefs, but, even if you’re a non-believer, she imparts valuable knowledge on how to better handle situations and people based on your specific traits. After the two hour session, I felt like she really understood what problems I was facing in my personal life and how I could better tackle them. She also doesn’t probe too far if you’d rather not discuss a personal issue. I also liked that, when the discussion part ran short, she didn’t try to drag out the time and, instead, gave me a longer massage to give me my full time, assuring me that I could call or email with any further questions. The massage was heavenly, of course. Nothing to complain about releasing all the tension and negative energy while smelling wonderful aromas. I did smell a little bit like potpourri at the end, but not a big deal; maybe just don’t go to a fancy event afterwards.

Overall, Michelle was very attentive, considerate and intuitive. She would notice the slightest discomfort, sometimes before I even acknowledged it, and made sure all my basic needs were addressed whether I was cold, hungry, thirsty or needed to use the restroom. I felt like she actually cared about me and was willing to spend as much time as necessary (I think we even went over the 2 hour limit) She also ran down and bought me a surprise birthday snack when I mentioned it was my birthday!

I highly recommend. Go give her a shot!

Other Pros: she worked around my schedule, offers water bottles and trail mix, nice and clean office, offers to switch aromas if you’re not partial to one.