One of the lessons I seem destined to work on in life is recognizing how energy flows through us and around us, how we ARE energy, and how being attuned to our energy helps us reach our potential. I was not considering bodywork when Michelle came to my business as a customer, but I was instantly struck by her strong presence and the sense I had that she was “reading” my energy as we communicated. In the course of our transaction she invited me to schedule an appointment for a massage appointment.

Michelle has numerous qualities that elevate the massage experience, and my appointments with her (I’ve had three now) have gone way above and beyond what I would consider just a good massage. She has an holistic approach, inquiring about how I am, what is going on in my life, and helping me recognize where and how body, mind, and spirit correlate. These are qualities I expect in a good health care provider and seldom have associated with bodyworkers. She has an awesome touch, and seems intuitively to know just where to go, sometimes generously running past the clock to persist with deep knots and areas that need extra attention. Michelle’s work is as much about maximizing health and potential as it is about feeling good. Her demeanor is professional and warm, she is very attentive to creating a safe space to relax and let go, and she always sends you on your way with thoughts or suggestions to help extend the quiet space of the session out into the world (as well as making sure you stay well-hydrated!).

Like so many of us I carry stress and emotion in the fiber of my being, often without realizing how deeply so. I leave my appointments with Michelle feeling light, centered, renewed, and empowered. I highly recommend checking out Michelle and EOS Lymphatic Massage. Her skill is superlative, and she could not have a more apt surname.