So for those of you who are like me and don’t read past the first few sentences when reading a review, if you are on here trying to decide if you should go see Michelle, just go make an apt with her right now before she fills up and you have to wait even longer to see her!!
Seeing a life coach is something my mom has been pushing me to do for a good amount of time now… It just never felt like the right time or that I respected any of these random people enough to guide me through my own life. That being said, I went to see Michelle on a recommendation from a very good friend. After all of her very positive reviews of Michelle, I had some very high expectations and hopes for my meeting with Michelle.
Let me just say that she is a beautiful person with an amazingly powerful talent. She could read me like a book, better than a book actually! It was a pretty powerful experience and going to see her was the best decision I’ve ever made. If you have any doubts about the choices in your life, any questions about where you are going or what you are doing, you need to see Michelle. Some of the things she told me were things I def already knew but something I needed to hear come from someone else. So while she reassured me of some things she also helped open my eyes to other perspectives on certain things. I was in awe of my whole experience with her.
And then on top of all of that, it was time for my massage! Which was equally as amazing! I never wanted to leave her place! I wanted to beg her if I could stay. I left her office feeling so confident with not only myself but with my choices and my life. Not to forget I also felt like a laffy taffy from her spectacular massage! I recommend not having to go to work after seeing Michelle because all I felt like doing was going home to relax!
Seriously the best decision, everyone should see Michelle at least once in their lifetime.