I’ve been working with Michelle for almost two years now after receiving a recommendation from a friend. I remember I was excited and nervous at the same time because I didn’t know what to expect from this type of work. Michelle immediately impressed me with her professionalism, dedication to her patients, and incredible skill. (She also thoughtfully provides purified water, snacks, and chocolate.) I do both the coaching and lymphatic drainage massage and love how each compliments the other. Working with Michelle has given me great confidence on many levels. She has helped me to take better care of myself, feel more connected with my body, work through challenges and life events much faster and with greater ease, and really trust my intuition and the signs my body is giving me. I am extremely grateful for Michelle and know without a doubt that I am much better off because of the work I do with her. I think of all of the things she has helped me understand, including my relationships and why I’m attracting what I am into my life. She has also helped me to make sense of past relationships and let go of any trauma tied to them. Michelle is charismatic, generous, thoughtful, and honest. She’s also a lot of fun with incredible energy and a laugh that can make anyone smile. She truly values the people she works with and is willing to give as much time and energy as needed to help. She is also so wonderful about following-up and checking in to see how you’re doing after a session. I highly recommend working with Michelle and making this investment into yourself. You will be glad you did!! 🙂