EOS Lymphatic Massage™ Yelp & Google Reviews

I am really grateful I was able to discover Michelle’s practice. I first learned of the concept from my chiropractor who told me my lymph system was congested and needed clearing and this led me to search more about how you could accomplish this and found out about lymph drainage massage. I did a yelp search and came across Michelle’s practice. Lymph drainage is not a typical massage, but boy did it help me. It is a very specialized practice and very different from a regular massage but it works wonders for your health and well being. Michelle will also remind you of the importance of hydration and gives her clients a bottle or two of smart water to encourage them to stay on top of that. Another thing she does is create customized aromatherapy sprays that are good for concentration, energy, illness prevention and doesn’t charge extra for this which is amazing.

Brent F.
Seattle, WA

I met Michelle a few years ago and have to say that my first session and all of my sessions with her have truly been extraordinary. She has the ability to really bring clarity and calm to the sessions. I always leave feeling renewed and balanced, relaxed, and have the deepest sense of calm and purpose. Although she has mastered her intuitive sense, make no mistake – she is straight shooter! I really appreciate this approach – her manner is just so balanced given her healing nature and her directness. I will be coming back to her again and again. If you are considering making an appointment, do your self and favor and schedule! Be open, as it is an experience like no other – a real treat for the body, mind, and soul. Thank you Michelle!

Umrah S.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is as good as it gets! She has guided me through many major life decisions in the very best way. She is direct and kind, is incredibly intuitive and helps you make a smart plan with tangible check points. She is sincerely interested in your well being! She’s cuts through the mental haze! On top of that I love her lymphatic massage work to help rejuvenate and heal your body and mind. It’s a holistic approach that has benefited me tremendously to renew and keep focusing on strengths. And added bonus is the aromatherapy bottles she will make up for me depending on what is happening in my life, I use them daily and love them. Go see Michele! She is wonderful and I truly feel like I have added a genuine mentor into my life.

April R.
San Francisco, CA

I have never experienced such as special massage, it is a lymph drainage massage which gets rid of old energies and toxins. I always leave refreshed and renewed with some sense of transformation. I am always looking forward to our next session. I would strongly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking healing and transformation, and who wants to feel good.

Marija P.
Philadelphia, PA

I recently went back to have a massage with Michelle after 6 years and I’m continually impressed with her education and experience as a therapist. Michelle keeps herself current in her craft which I find very helpful in an age where technology and lack of self awareness exists in our lives. Michelle believes in helping people grow as a human being even challenging one to explore oneself for self growth. Some people might not appreciate the help and that’s ok she may not be a provider for you.

I appreciate the self discovery and welcome Michelle’s approach to challenge myself to grow as an individual. If one isn’t ready then you may never be ready to open yourself to such a thoughtful caring process.

I highly recommend Michelle for help in aphysical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Thank you for helping me recognize.

Sofia P.
San Francisco, CA

Working with Michelle was an amazing and unique experience. I was looking for a holistic healer that could truly touch upon my mind, body, and spirit. Michelle brought forward my truth through her astrology bodywork and then touched upon my physical healing through her lymphatic massage. Working with her was incredibly special!

Aubrie A.
Western Addition/NOPA, San Francisco, CA

5 stars is the only acceptable rating I can give Michelle, and that is simply because they do not allow a higher one. Her expertise and perspective has been integral to the transformative changes I have enacted for my life. I would not be who I am as a person, or where I am in terms of centeredness, without her influence.

I could tell you about how much she clearly cares about her clients, and I could tell you about how utterly relaxed she made me feel, even before laying a hand on me, but I think the real way to explain the value that sessions I have had with her is this:

Giving Michelle 5 star rating on scale of 1-5 is akin to telling someone “I was kinda hungry” when in fact you just ate every last morsel of an 11 course meal. It’s an understatement of grave proportions.

Book a session. You won’t regret it.

Jacob M.
Daly City, CA

This has been by far the best massage of my life! Michelle has an uncanny way of perceiving what your body needs and working with you on all levels to improve. She is a healer and a very professional and kind lymphatic masseuse. I want everyone that I love to invest in themselves to come and see her. I highly recommend her services.

Mary K.
Sausalito, CA

I’ve been a client of Michelle’s for several years. She’s a gifted clairsentient who truly understands energy and qi. She’s an amazing massage therapist, who is incredibly professional, warm, and caring. I have learned so much about myself and this world at large since working with her. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know! This 5 star recommendation is long overdue. See her if you’re at all interested in astrology or if you want to be relaxed. You’re body will thank you!

Lisa L.
Berkeley, CA

Going to a life coaching/lymphatic massage session with Michelle was a hugely important and valuable experience in my life. I was going through a major period of transition, and many good things were happening but I was struggling with being overwhelmed and hoping to find some clarity and peace.

Michelle was kind and welcoming of what I had to say and share during the life coaching portion, but she was also firmly honest in pointing out where I was kidding myself or not being completely true to what I needed from myself and others.

I am not a religious or spiritual person, and I do not follow astrology, but this experience was not about focusing on doctrine. Everything she explained to me about my astrological chart was helpful because she related everything to specifics about who I am and why I am certain ways. It wasn’t something like, “hey, here are some signs about you,” it was a deep conversation around understanding my personality and choices and how to best move forward proactively with that knowledge. Her advice was both sound and eye-opening.

The massage was rejuventating and relaxing, but as we kept talking, she started describing releasing negative energy and painful memories from the flesh, and suddenly I got really emotional, which I’d normally never do in front of someone I’d just met, and she stayed with me patiently until everything subsided. I honestly felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest- it’s been a couple of months and I still feel the effect of lifting away the negativity, which has led to me being less anxious and much more open in general.

I would recommend seeing Michelle to absolutely everyone!

Emily F.
San Francisco, CA

I found Michelle because I needed to learn some things. She taught me some skills to organize myself and make my life more simple. She is intuitive about people and the physical things that calm them.
If your looking for something go see Michelle- she will help.

Susi B.
Helsinki, Finland

I never write yelp reviews but this is important to share. My experience working with Michelle has been nothing but transformative. Time spent with her is some of the most healing times in my life. I would say when I first came to her office, I was in a lot of pain, closed off and afraid; she instantly disarmed me. A cup of tea, personalized bodywork, and thoughtful, leading advice based on a mix of science and pure intuition is exactly what I need to be able to breathe again. Her approach is unique for sure but it is grounding, nourishing, and true. So just like writing reviews, I find myself subscribing whole-heartedly to her methodology, because it works, because my life is better for it. I absolutely recommend meeting with her and letting Michelle improve your health and happiness too.

Cynthia H.
San Francisco, CA

Can I give 10 stars please?

First off, if you are looking for a first class lymphatic massage, look no more. This is THE place. Michelle’s hands are pure magic! (this is not a spa massage, so parts of it are going to feel intense and invigorating for some). The aromatherapy michelle uses in her massages is unbelievably healing.

In addition to the therapeutical heaven, Michelle makes sure that you get the best in class client service. You get a feeling of calm and of abundance.
The venue itself is so soothing- it is immaculate and perfectly set.
Furthermore, Michelle spares no expense in using her arsenal of healing creams and essential oils; she ensures you are well hydrated and even nourished with fancy bottled smart water + healthy and delicious snacks.

This is all wrapped holistically by her coaching analysis and insights.

Michelle knows how to leave her prints on your body and soul.

Michelle, my most sincere thank yous. I can’t wait for my next visit.

Khaoula B.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is just amazing! This is unlike any massage that you’ve had before. With most massages I feel like they have their basic formula: 10 minutes on each leg, 20 minutes on the shoulders, etc. With Michelle she is focused on what your body needs and if that means your right side needs more time than your left she will do just that and you never get that feeling that she’s watching the clock. She truly believes in taking her time and giving you the best treatment. She does a great combo of regular massage, lymph drainage and true deep tissue depending on how tight you are at that moment. On top of her dedication to making your body feel it’s best she’s very kind, caring and a great listener!

Johanan S.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is fantastic! I’ve been seeing her for lymphatic massage for several years now, but our sessions together are so much more. She has a special gift for healing that makes our visits incredibly productive.

If I could see her weekly, I would!

Michelle cares deeply about her clients’ health and is extraordinarily professional.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Corey H.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is a mystical healing goddess. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about astrology and succeeds in making sense of any personality type with tailored information and zero judgement. Michelle is extremely generous with her time, advice, essential oils, snacks and drinks. Her intuition is comforting, as is her touch. I really can’t say enough great things about the experience. And I can’t wait to see her again!

Maya Z.
Inner Richmond, San Francisco, CA

I loved the coaching and massage session that I had with Michelle. She truly has a generous and nurturing spirit. She is so attentive and giving; I left with so many goodies and a renewed body and spirit. Really it was an experience of great abundance! Michelle really hones in on you and focuses on her process.
You can tell she has a gift and a passion for the work that she does and she wants nothing more than to help her clients. Normally I do not go to “new age” centered services, but her spirit of care will put any skeptics heart at ease. Truly a unique blend of massage, life coaching, astrology, and pure kindness. She also made two special blends of aromatherapy sprays and I have been using them every day. Thanks so much Michelle!
I highly recommend the coaching and massage combination, as it It truly heals the mind, body and spirit.

Monica M.
Petaluma, CA

Michelle is a miracle worker.

Within the first session she unlocked several mysteries I’ve carried with me unresolved for years. Her ability to quickly identify my unique challenges and provide practical straightforward actions to take is something I’ve never experienced from any counselor or life coach. I’m already experiencing new energy, power in my dealings with others and a clearer focus in my every day activities. She is very grounding, clarifying and direct.

Craig J.
San Francisco, CA

I found Michelle on yelp. Intuitively, I decided to work on my lymphatic system after suffering from mastitis. As I know the relationship between body and mind, I chose Michelle since she has experiences with somatic work.

Michelle is very professional, she is attentive to scheduling, rescheduling, pre-bodywork checkin and post-bodywork followup. Michelle also spoils her client with many gifts and wise words.

I only received body work from Michelle, but her wisdom and support touched many facets of my life, my husband and my children, my families all benefit from her work.

Yi Z.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is amazing at what she does!! My experience with her was so great. I would recommend her to everyone. I even brought my 8 year old son with me and he loved her as well.. I will be seeing her again very soon !!

Jennifer J.
San Pablo, CA

I believe that Michelle is a Guru and Mastermind, and we are so lucky to have her practice in the Bay Area. I was thankfully referred to Michelle Bravo by Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation, following aggressive breast cancer, double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. After nearly 2 years of physical and emotional turmoil ( and somewhat stuck in sadness and grief) I am confident that Michelle Bravo’s work is truly a gift that keeps on giving. She is a unique professional where she can teach, nurture and share by using her intuitive gifts and extraordinary talents. Michelle’s knowledge of lymphatic massage coupled with her unique Life Coaching techniques makes for a truly healing informative session.
My body and mind is healthier after just one session since I was able to surrender, relax and trust the process. I’m thrilled to be on her schedule for another massage and coaching session, and await my own marvelous metamorphosis.

Suzanne A.
San Francisco, CA

There is many wonderful things to say about Michelle Bravo. Her knowledge of lifestyle coaching and connecting was beyond amazing; she has great insight knows how to connect with the true you. Michelle is a expert in psychology and counseling. What she gives will change your life and help find your path. I seen it in my own life. She is the real deal, I recommend Michelle Bravo.

Inette M.
San Francisco, CA

Working with Michelle has been transformational with many aspects in my life. Understanding my true potential has been very key in identifying what I need to work on based on my body. This education has far surpassed what I thought was possible and giving me a simple guide to create lasting and immediate change in my physical realm of my body as well as my mind. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for change on all aspects of being.
I have also had the lymphatic massage which was extremely powerful and I can’t wait to book another session to feel the healing aspects of Michelle’s knowing hands. I originally sought Michelle out for my thyroid and anemia issues and very happy that I found so much more in her sessions that I thought was possible. New opportunities immediately appeared, once I had a better understanding how to take care of my body first and foremost, as well as learning how to navigate the world and people around me, to benefit my bodies needs. I look forward to continuing the journey of the continuing process of unfolding and reaching higher.

Jenice A.
San Francisco, CA

I came to Michelle for some post-op healing, and she has been amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Her hands are strong and healing, and she absolutely goes the extra mile for her clients to make sure that they feel supported every step of the way. I’m so glad I found her!

Rachel R.
San Francisco, CA

I had a truly exceptional experience with Michelle, and would highly recommend working with her! I can’t wait to go back for my next massage.

Maya G.
Stanford, CA

I used to get lymphatic massages for my eczema back in the day in Toronto (like… 5-6 years ago), and my eczema was flaring up a tiny bit (also, I just needed a massage). So I searched up “lymphatic drainage” and good ol’ Yelp had pointed me to Michelle. And all I have to say is: “AWESOME JOB, YELP.” I bought the Yelp deal for the 2 hour special.

When you first enter the office, Michelle is there greeting you with a friendly smile. After filling in my intake form, we start talking. Michelle has a natural gift of reading your body, and she was very helpful and intuitive by helping me understand myself. It felt like she had known me for a while. At first, I was a little scared that she could read me so well, but due to her friendly demeanor, I was pretty comfortable afterward. She definitely provided me with a lot of insight into my own body, emotions, etc.

The second hour was the massage. The room was absolutely clean and pristine. With a combination of essential oils and Michelle’s magic hands, I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep.

When I was about to leave, Michelle gave me a large bottle of SmartWater and some snacks for the road. She was also sweet enough to give me a card to thank me for coming in, an anti-stress drink, and two bags of DeTox tea from Yogi.

I had an amazing time at EOS, and will definitely go back again! Definite recommend!

Joanne W.
Berlin, Germany

Michelle’s work with me is slowly seeping into my day to day life. I was in a rut of emotional pain which corresponded to my physical pain, a tie I did not see but Michelle could instantly see. I have made adjustments to my diet and attitude toward my physical life rituals and my body is now responding and becoming stronger. Toxins are being removed from my body and I’m feeling like I’m coming back to the living. I can’t thank Michelle enough!!!

Monica A.
Grover Beach, CA

Michelle Bravo changed my life on my very first visit.

I was suffering when I walked into her welcoming white office around 6 weeks ago. I was suffering from both physical and mental pain, a result of a work-related injury and many unresolved emotional issues stemming as far back as when I was 3 years old.

When I left her office that first day I made immediate life changing decisions to forgive others and more importantly myself. She instantly helped me understand what had occurred in my life and gave me new language and understanding to “move forward” with that knowledge.

Michelle’s guidance opened my eyes and I made the decision to LIVE a healthier and happier life. I contacted my former self-defense teacher who I trained with in 1997 and asked him to help me regain my strength and my power. I’m down over 20 pounds in 5 weeks!! I am STRONG! My chronic pain is still with me but I no longer allow it to rule my life and keep me in that “dark” place I was in just 7 weeks ago. I eat clean. I engage in self-care (spa days, pedicures, facials and massages). Michelle’s lymphatic massages are invigorating and healing–the essentials oils she uses are uplifting and therapeutic. She made me several personalized formulas, including one we called “Mira” with Jasmine that reminds me of grade school and elmer’s paste (I know it’s odd) during arts and crafts that brought me so much joy.

Michelle’s intuitive gifts don’t allow for any BS from me. It hasn’t been easy to let go of childhood traumas and I still have a lot of work to do but with her help and guidance I know that after our nine sessions together I will have made a journey that has set me on a path of eternal self-love.

Mira L.
San Francisco, CA

I cannot say enough about my experience with Michelle, with whom I’m currently doing a series of 8 lymphatic drainage massages. I always leave her sessions feeling so positive and energetic, physically and– oddly–emotionally as well. Basically, Michelle makes you feel like she cares about your well being in all facets. She’s so good about listening to your body and understanding what it needs. I’m blown away by everything that I’m learning about myself and my relationships in our sessions. I just feel so cared for, heard, listened to and understood–through a massage. It’s crazy. I highly recommend Michelle!! You will not regret it!!

Sigrid N.
San Francisco, CA

It was an eye-opening experience having a consultation and lymphatic massage with Michelle.
She was quickly able to pick on my patterns and how to be aware of it.
The massage itself was fantastic. It left me feeling relaxed and whole, exactly what I needed.

Sylvia N.
San Francisco, CA

When I made an appointment for the Massage and Life Coaching session with Michelle, I told myself to have an open mind. Michelle through one session was able to guide me in clarifying and defining my purpose. Michelle will invest her entire self to guide you through whatever it is you are struggling with (emotional and physicall).

Mariel V.
San Francisco, CA

I used to get lymphatic massage when I was in Korea and loved it. Since moving here, I’ve been to so many places hoping to get an authentic lymphatic massage but failed at every place in the city. And then I found Michelle. She really knows where to touch to do the magic to the body and the soul. I feel much more relaxed, able to sleep better, and my face that used to be bloated all the time is back to the normal state. Thank you so much!

Stacey P.
San Francisco, CA

I attended Michelle’s workshop and came away with such a better understanding of myself and how I relate with others. Beyond a mere understanding, however, Michelle offers a framework of practical, actionable changes that result in self-care and mindful living. Her approach is both simple and profound. In addition, her interpersonal style is warm, caring and accepting while still being honest enough to promote needed change in a client’s life. I’m really looking forward to working with her further as I’m already noticing positive outcomes in my life as a result of the workshop.

Eric C.
Millbrae, CA

I was highly recommended to Michelle by my Dr. who advised that I have lymphatic massages to help with recovery. Michelle is very warm, welcoming and easy going. She made it easy for me to open up not physically but emotionally, which has helped a lot in my recovery. Her strong hands are as if they talk to my muscles as she always seems to know where is my most troubled areas. I have seen Michelle a few times now; I’m looking forward to continuing my recovery treatments with her.

Erika S.
San Jose, CA

I can’t believe It’s taken me so long to review Michelle’s services. Her hands are magic and I felt so much better after an hour with her. I CAN’T WAIT until my next appointment.

Mel M.
San Francisco, CA

I have seen Michelle several times over the last few years.

The first time I went Michelle used the date and time I was born to read my astrological info. I was really impressed with what she told me. She told me a lot about who I am as a person and it was very very accurate. She told me things about my childhood, upbringing and dynamic with my parents. Things that were so accurate it was almost spooky. Things she could not have known even by speaking to my best friends. She said several things to me that are burned into my mind that I have never forgotten that have helped me heal tremendously. I honestly view life differently based on the things she told me. It was followed by a great massage in a wonderfully smelling clean environment. Incredible.

I was going through a crazy life transition a year later and decided to return to her. I was so excited. I got there early and waited in the hallway with excitement. When I heard the door open I was bursting with excitement, I had this expectation she would welcome me back warmly. She emerged and put her hand out to introduce herself … I almost melted. What was such a wonderful first experience for me was completely unmemorable for her. And honestly, I can’t blame her, this is the work she does all day everyday. How can someone be expected to remember all of their clients, especially ones that let so much time pass between going? She said she didn’t remember me because my energy was so different than the first time. I was in a weird transition in my life and did feel like I had changed a lot but couldn’t help to be disappointed that I wasn’t remembered. The second appointment was very repetitive and less valuable to me. She gave me some advice about the decisions I should make in my life and I didn’t end up taking her advice. Maybe that was her plan? I quickly realized what I wanted to do when she strongly recommended the option I didn’t in fact want? Who knows. The second massage was really great.

Overall I would recommend EOS but I don’t know if I’ll ever be back.

Wes D.
Oakland, CA

I’ve had a lot of massages and energy/body work sessions of various kinds and the experience I had at EOS was one of the best. One of my health practitioners recommended that I get a lymphatic massage and I really didn’t know what to expect.

This was a far more holistic treatment than the kind of massage you get at a spa. Michelle spends a good amount of time in the appointment assessing your body’s unique elemental qualities and how they relate to your life experiences. She is amazingly intuitive and perceptive

The day after the session, I felt like I’d returned from an amazing vacation. I felt rejuvenated on many levels and could really feel the way that her work had freed up not just muscular tension, but fluids and emotions held in the body. I would definitely return for another session with Michelle.

SfinS F.
San Francisco, CA

This was hands-down the very best massage and life coaching experience I’ve ever had…and those are some pretty big words for me to say! I visited Michelle after reading many glowing reviews on Yelp during my visit to the Bay Area, and I can’t thank her enough for the experience I had. From the moment I entered Michelle’s space, I knew I was going to be transported to someplace magical from the amazing smells, her dynamic and loving presence, and how comfortable I felt right away. From the get-go, she started assessing me in a way I had never experienced before. She was able to tell where in my body I was holding stress throughout different points of our conversation. She was able to assess so many aspects of my life including work stress, relationships, things from my childhood, and more that left me feeling incredibly enlightened with super concrete things I can apply to my daily life. It was seriously awesome. She is the real deal.
I secretly want Michelle to be my new BFF as her demeanor and bad-assery is something I really want more of in my life! The way she says things is so concrete and relatable. Super legit.
The next part of the session was a 1 hour bodywork massage that left me GLOWING. Yes, all caps GLOWING. I’m a bit of a massage slut and get them often in my hometown of New Orleans from a variety of practitioners. This is the only time where my post-massage GLOW has been something that other people (as in like 5 other people – some were even strangers!) have commented on…and where it lasted for DAYS. Not just hours. Not just the rest of the day. But for DAYS. Michelle has the gift to be able to really tell where you’re holding stress in your body (and can even tell when certain topics of conversation make you tense up!) She removed so much stress and frustration I was holding – I emerged from her space feeling renewed and lighter. Plus she sent me off with a large bottle of water, a piece of fruit, and some other healthy snacks.
In the days after my appointment with her, I’ve referred to her notes often and we have texted back and forth a bit. Her insight into me as a person in this world was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She left me with so many nuggets of wisdom. I WISH I could teleport her to New Orleans so I could become a regular.

In one majorly hyphenated word: you-are-crazy-if-you-don’t-go-right-now-she’s-just-that-good-and-will-change-your-life.

Nady P.
New Orleans, LA

For Christmas, I had received a gift certificate from my boss for a 2-hour life coaching session and, unsure of what life-coaching would entail, it took me forever to actually use the gift card. So, six months later, I finally got in. My only regret was not going sooner. It was an overall very uplifting, empowering, and calming experience.

I can only talk for the life coaching (which I noticed there’s a Yelp deal for; y’all should snatch that up), but it consists of an one hour discussion about what astrology says about your personality and character and then an hour of massage.

I have to admit, I’ve never been extremely dependent on astrological beliefs, but, even if you’re a non-believer, she imparts valuable knowledge on how to better handle situations and people based on your specific traits. After the two hour session, I felt like she really understood what problems I was facing in my personal life and how I could better tackle them. She also doesn’t probe too far if you’d rather not discuss a personal issue. I also liked that, when the discussion part ran short, she didn’t try to drag out the time and, instead, gave me a longer massage to give me my full time, assuring me that I could call or email with any further questions. The massage was heavenly, of course. Nothing to complain about releasing all the tension and negative energy while smelling wonderful aromas. I did smell a little bit like potpourri at the end, but not a big deal; maybe just don’t go to a fancy event afterwards.

Overall, Michelle was very attentive, considerate and intuitive. She would notice the slightest discomfort, sometimes before I even acknowledged it, and made sure all my basic needs were addressed whether I was cold, hungry, thirsty or needed to use the restroom. I felt like she actually cared about me and was willing to spend as much time as necessary (I think we even went over the 2 hour limit) She also ran down and bought me a surprise birthday snack when I mentioned it was my birthday!

I highly recommend. Go give her a shot!

Other Pros: she worked around my schedule, offers water bottles and trail mix, nice and clean office, offers to switch aromas if you’re not partial to one.

Christina R.
San Francisco, CA

Similar to these other reviews, I had an amazing spiritual-coaching & lymphatic massage experience at EOS Lymphatic Massage.

Michelle is extremely professional, personal, knowledgable, patient and empathetic. She got to the source(s) of my illness, and has started my body on the path to healing itself.

I came to see her, because I have been suffering from a strange undiagnosed illness that leaves my body extremely sick every 4-6 weeks. I develop swollen lymph nodes with puffy eyes, full body hives, extreme night-sweats, and exhaustion that leaves me bed-ridden. I have been to a wide variety of doctors, who simply say, that I suffer from severe allergies, and who advise me to stop eating dairy, nuts, shell fish, change my soap, use this lotion, etc., all of which I follow, but to no avail.

When I arrived at the EOS office on Saturday afternoon, I was extremely sick and exhausted, and was expecting just another massage. The office is incredibly clean, white, modern, and comfortable with calming energy.

As we began our session, Michelle asked me many personal and professional questions, and at first, I didn’t understand how this was related to my illness.

Among the many things we discussed, she told me that emotions manifest as chemicals in the body, and that I was holding on to many extremely negative emotions, experiences, and commitments, and that it was time to let them all go. My body was storing them, and they were making me very ill.

She coached me, and did body work for a long time, and I went home exhausted, but grounded, dizzy and feeling whole.

Since our session yesterday, I can feel my body changing, and healing itself. I definitely feel different, and I am getting better. And soon, I am going to be completely healthy.

Michelle is an extremely gifted lymphatic masseur and spiritual coach, and I highly recommend her services. Make sure you sign up for both sessions – they are worth it!

Nick H.
San Francisco, CA

I visited Michelle based on her top-notch reviews and my desperate need for a massage. I’ve received far too many mediocre and overpriced massages in my lifetime, and I maintained a degree of skepticism as I normally do. In addition, I was also skeptical of her “lifestyle coaching” services. How wrong I was.

Michelle has a natural gift in reading your body and the massage was one of the best I have ever received, without any need to indicate problem areas or pressure. The essential oils utilized were high quality and smelled amazing. My coaching session was eye-opening and Michelle was insightful and understanding. I will certainly be returning!

Jocelin L.
Redwood City, CA

I purchased a yelp deal and went into this massage thinking it was going to be your standard relaxation massage. As soon as I met Michelle, I knew this one was going to be different.

Her space is super cute, cozy, and clean. She offered me a glass of water to start. Before the massage, we chatted for a bit and I quickly learned that Michelle had a unique gift. She was reading me and REALLY listening to what I was saying. She could FEEL what I was feeling. She began asking me questions that dug deeper into my thoughts and emotions, which forced me to further reflect and analyze. Within 10 minutes, we were really digging deep; I consider myself an open, very self-aware individual, but Michelle really surprised me with how much she was able to get me to open up even further. Michelle and I discussed a myriad of personal issues (stresses, positives, challenges, experiences) for about an hour (!) and then proceeded to the massage. The massage was amazing and Michelle continued to connect with me throughout it.

With this one massage, I got a full-on life coaching and self-reflection session; I left feeling astounded by her gift of reading people, at peace with myself, and fully rejuvenated. I feel grateful that I found Michelle through yelp. 🙂 A treatment and massage that I will never forget!

p.s. She sent me home with some snacks and a big bottle of Smartwater! 🙂

Joanna M.
New York, NY

was referred to Michelle and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank her enough for the gift she stowed upon me. My main purpose of seeing her was that I had been feeling stuck in life especially my career and was in need of help narrowing down the right path for me. Not only did I feel enlightened and more confident about myself after our session, I felt lighter; lighter of the weight of others issues upon me. I also felt comfortable and elated to take my next steps in life. She educated me on focusing on myself and to practice the five EOS ways. After our holistic life coaching session, it was time for the aromatherapy massage. It was incredible and relieve the sciatica I have from a stress fracture in my vertebrae.

I am so fortunate to have met Michelle and I look forward to more healing processes in the near future. My husband is seeing Michelle next week so I look forward to extending good words about his experience too.

Amy K.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle’s massage and coaching session were exceptional. So much attention to detail and a sincere client-focus. She made my afternoon! If you need bodywork or headwork, Michelle is a gem.

Chris C.
Chicago, IL

Michelle is the best….her life coaching made me understand myself and it woke an inner in me that I have yet to to know. Michelle is very professional in her work. I must admit I had never had any type if massage so I wasn’t sure what to expect….but after receiving the lymphatic massage I felt much better as days followed. I am grateful that Dr.Beck highly recommended her to me. Thank you Michelle Bravo

Nancy E.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle practices holistic healing techniques that treat the mind, body and soul. Through the precision of astrology, the touch of lymphatic massage and her sensational intuitive ability, Michelle gently narrows to the root of our most inner self to reveal health and healing. Her work with my family continues to bring insight and understanding to each of us. We all better understand each other, forgive and move forward in wonderful and positive ways. I am continuing to benefit from the goals I set for myself since I started working with Michelle. I now feel I’ve leaped over former road blocks and am better able to live the life I want. It feels wonderful to better understand myself and the people I love.

She’s also a wonderful poet! Look for her new book Pulchritudinous Poetry – A Journey of the Self Through the Elements. She and I are collaborating on the book cover I designed for her. She’s a breeze to work with and an overall amazing person that’s great to have in my life!

Nicole S.
San Francisco, CA

The massage with Michelle was a gift from my best friend for my birthday. I have not had a massage in over two years and my friend knew I needed one. Michelle was more than a massage therapist. Before the massage, she asked some questions and gave us an opportunity to chit chat, Michelle and I connected and I felt she really understood me and my needs. The massage was excellent, I will definitely be back.

I could also see her as my personal coach.

Vanessa L.
San Francisco, CA

I too purchased the yelp deal and to be perfectly honest I did not read any of the reviews before going in. Odd I know but the offer for a life coach was really appealing to me since I have been on a self help journey. Going in I had no idea what to expect. Luckily I am somewhat into horoscopes and believe in cosmic connections. I think if I wasn’t I would be skeptical. But either way she nailed it. I have been going to therapy for over a year and half and she pointed out things that I came to understand in therapy but hearing them in this environment was helpful and validating.

There was a lot to take in but I learned a lot and will go back! Would I recommend this to my friends? Please, I tried calling ALL OF THEM afterward to tell them to get the yelp deal! Money well worth spent!

claudia o.
Brooklyn, NY

It’s been a while since I had a massage. I expected a regular massage but boy was I wrong. Michelle was soo sweet! She was amazing! As soon as I walked in she had water, almonds ready in case I was thirsty or hungry ;). Her office and massage area was very clean and soothing. She interacted with me in conversation and always checked in to make sure I was comfortable while getting my massage. I felt like not only did I get a truly amazing massage but also left inspired about life! We connected in so many levels, pretty crazy! I will for sure go back for more…Michelle you rock!

Carla F.
Millbrae, CA

I purchased a Yelp deal, and I do not regret it one bit! Michelle was amazing, not only with her massage, but she was an overall amazing person to talk to. Although it was my first time meeting her, she seemed to sense things about me only someone would know if you knew me for years – and it was through my body’s reactions during our conversation. At the end, I not only felt physically elated due to her marvelous work on my problem areas in my back, but also emotionally. Thank you Michelle, you are awesome!

I would definitely recommend her to my friends, and I look forward to my next appointment. Next time I won’t be late 🙂

Mogi D.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle was very helpful and earnest while I was on a quest for further connections with the Aromatherapy Community! Not often, especially in our capitalist society, do you find a business owner willing to take the time out for a bit of guidance. Thank you for all of your help!

Isador V.
Oakland, CA

I was so excited to come across EOS in a search, the reviews were top notch so my expectations were high…It is days after my treatment and I am still feeling grateful for my experience.
I have been getting bodywork done for about 20 years now and this was the best session I have ever had. Michelle is so knowledgeable, caring and intuitive. A true healer. She held a space for me to work through some old energy I was holding in my body and talked to me about my elemental makeup in a way that deepened my self understanding and gave me a great deal of peace. Perfect massage, amazing essential oils and a life coaching session in one appointment! I felt so well cared for, something a single mom dreams of!!! I cant wait for my next appointment.

meagan d.
Oakland, CA

Michelle is one of the kind and she is undoubtedly the best. I’ve had many types of massage done in the past years, I liked them but I was still searching for something special and I finally found it. She concentrates on your body and your soul. She made me feel at ease with her calming voice and skillful hands. When my body spoke, she listened and helped me connect it with my mind and spirit. At the end of my session, I felt as if all the negative energy and stress was drained out of me and I entered into a brand new body. Truly grateful for her talent an

Tatyana P.
San Francisco, CA

First of all, I want you to know that I rarely ever use Yelp to write reviews. I only write them if it is well deserved. I was referred to Michelle with EOS Lymphatic Massage by a friend who heard great things about her work and how she can make a huge impact with people in their lives and does great bodywork, especially lymphatic. I thought I would give it a shot because I needed to find someone who does lymphatic massage, since I had surgery not too long ago and my surgeon recommended it. To my surprise, I found an amazing life coach, Michelle, so I am able to take advantage of the best of both worlds; amazing bodywork and help with making me the best I can be. I cannot emphasize this enough, Michelle is so amazing and is helping me change my life with her life coaching and bodywork. She is helping me understand myself and others, both for personal and professional reasons. Not like I do not know myself, but she helps you understand why you do the things you do and with certain people and helps you to be so in tuned and centered with self.

I will be seeing her for session #4 this week and I look forward to my appointments. When I see her, it feels like I am receiving a gift and she makes me feel excited. Michelle always gives me her undivided attention and she remembers what we discuss to the very intricate detail and doesn’t refer back to any notes. She is that good and remembers everything! She is so professional, highly intelligent, genuine and caring. She takes such great care of me and all of her patients and makes me feel so comfortable and I trust her implicitly. I can definitely feel a change in my life and in how my body feels with these few sessions and would highly recommend Michelle to anyone wanting help with positive change to body and mind.

Her office space is so neat, super white, warm and inviting. She takes great care of me and I know she does that with all of her clients. In addition to her great work, she always provides me extra time if she has the time, Smart Water during and a bottle to go after our sessions, fruit, nuts and chocolate. It is well worth the cost! I opted for the 8 session body and life coaching package, which is so worth it! I will sign up again. I feel empowered and so excited! Thank you Michelle!

Janice H.
San Francisco, CA

I’ve been receiving massages from Michelle for a while now and each and everytime I leave, I always come out feeling completely rejuvenated.

My favorite is the special emphasis based on holistic and self-care coaching to help aid in the body’s natural healing response. Michelle is very intuitive which is always translated into each bodywork session. She applies just the right amount of pressure and spends lots of time in areas that need attention most.

Oooh and also my favorite is the application of aromatherapy oils. The essential oils that she spoils you with throughout the session is absolute heaven! Makes me happy just thinking about all the lovely, organic smell good! Ahhhh. What can I say? Michelle pulls out the big guns when it comes to pampering her clients!

Michelle has a beautiful demeanor and makes you feel very supported even far beyond the massage table. I can definitely tell that she loves what she does and it shows in her dedication to wellness for herself and her clients! The fact that she had extensive training and is a graduate of CPMC for Health and Healing, Integrated Medicine Education Program, is commendable.

I recommend EOS for anyone who’s looking for a life altering, holistic approach to massage therapy.

Ann S.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle’s space is clean and relaxing and she uses organic, vegan products. She’s pleasant and extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition and has a cheerful, positive energy.

Linda N.
Atherton, CA

I have to be honest this was my first massage of any kind ever so I don’t really have any basis for comparison but I was really pleasantly surprised by my experience with Michelle. I went a little over a month ago with a gift certificate for a one-hour lymphatic massage. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. My main fear was that she would be a crazy hippie and try to cram a bunch of stuff about “energy” and “toxins” down my throat. I am a true skeptic and stuff like that just makes me want to hurl. I mean, I get that we should all try to take good care of our bodies seriously….

Anyway, Michelle instructed me to drink 2 liters of Smart Water and drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon every day in preparation for my massage which I did. The massage was very relaxing and wasn’t painful at all. It actually felt really good. I am not sure if it has helped me heal from my surgical procedure any faster but it made me feel better in my mind anyway. I really felt like I was doing something good for my body, although I don’t know if that is a scientific fact. Michelle was actually very down to earth, which was a relief. She has some very interesting ideas and I really enjoyed talking with her. The only thing I didn’t like was having to get dressed and drive home all greased up, but I guess that is something that happens after any massage. Overall it was a good experience and it made me excited to get another massage.

A. A.
Bellingham, WA

So for those of you who are like me and don’t read past the first few sentences when reading a review, if you are on here trying to decide if you should go see Michelle, just go make an apt with her right now before she fills up and you have to wait even longer to see her!!
Seeing a life coach is something my mom has been pushing me to do for a good amount of time now… It just never felt like the right time or that I respected any of these random people enough to guide me through my own life. That being said, I went to see Michelle on a recommendation from a very good friend. After all of her very positive reviews of Michelle, I had some very high expectations and hopes for my meeting with Michelle.
Let me just say that she is a beautiful person with an amazingly powerful talent. She could read me like a book, better than a book actually! It was a pretty powerful experience and going to see her was the best decision I’ve ever made. If you have any doubts about the choices in your life, any questions about where you are going or what you are doing, you need to see Michelle. Some of the things she told me were things I def already knew but something I needed to hear come from someone else. So while she reassured me of some things she also helped open my eyes to other perspectives on certain things. I was in awe of my whole experience with her.
And then on top of all of that, it was time for my massage! Which was equally as amazing! I never wanted to leave her place! I wanted to beg her if I could stay. I left her office feeling so confident with not only myself but with my choices and my life. Not to forget I also felt like a laffy taffy from her spectacular massage! I recommend not having to go to work after seeing Michelle because all I felt like doing was going home to relax!
Seriously the best decision, everyone should see Michelle at least once in their lifetime.

Cheyanne H.
Phoenix, AZ

Michelle is amazing. She has the ability to sense a person’s inner feelings and draw them out to the surface so that they can be dealt with. After leaving a session with her I always have a clearer mind as well as a relaxed and rejuvenated body. Her massage treatments are the best. It’s always a great experience to visit with Michelle. I always look forward to the next appointment. If you haven’t experienced a session with Michelle, I highly recommend that you do.

Vicki S.
Los Gatos, CA

It’s been such a pleasure working with Michelle. She went miles and miles to help me in my personal health and transformation. I can’t thank her enough for her healing touch and for holding up a mirror for me to see my value in the world in so many ways and words. Thank you, Michelle Bravo! May the universe pay you back manyfold for your loving kindness!

Bridget J.
San Francisco, CA

I love love love Michelle! I’ve seen doctors and physical therapists but she is the only one who can make my arm not hurt. I’ve been a client of hers for 5 years now and she is magical. If you are broken or an athlete and need help she is the woman for you.

Morgan B.
San Francisco, CA

I have been seeing Michelle for over 2 years. She previously worked at a different location and I followed her when she started EOS. Good massage therapists are hard to find!

In addition to her skills as a massage therapist, I have found her to be a very intuitive person and a good listener; sometimes my massage appointments double as talk therapy and she has always been there for me. Also she has been very responsive to any special needs I have had, such as injuries.

Worth your time!

Chris W.
Los Angeles, CA

I’d keep Michelle a secret if I could (she’s that good) but she has a gift that should be shared with everyone she can help in their recovery.

I now know the value of aromatherapy, and combined with bodywork, it’s done amazing things to address my longstanding inflammation issues and recently swollen and bruised areas.

I’ve been lamenting the demise in the concept of customer/client care and going above and beyond let alone doing the minimum, but Michelle has renewed my faith in service way beyond my (somewhat lowered) expectations.

What else you can expect:
Honesty; sincerity; education about your body, products, and food; a lot of encouragement and nurturing; high-quality products; and a true holistic approach to healing.

A session with Michelle is worth every penny!

L. H.
Portland, OR

Michelle Bravo is one of the few massage therapists who has what I call “the touch.” You can feel it just by shaking her hand. I have had many, many massages in my lifetime (I used to live near a massage school and have had tons of experience with many different styles and techiniques). Once, maybe twice in my life have I ever had the level of expertise, excellence, and confidence that Michelle offers (and none of the folks are in SF, sadly). But now I’ve found Michelle, I need look no further.

She has a confident approach to the bodywork she does, but the sessions go far beyond just strong touch. Michelle’s entire range of touch is what makes her unique. Strong in the areas that can take it, and quite subtle in other areas, Michelle’s massages are truly transformative.

Michelle! I am so glad I found you! Can’t wait to come back!

Gramme F.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is a wonderful, caring person that truly understands her client’s needs and gets to the root of their issues. I was impressed with her initial comprehensive evaluation and the time she took to listen to what ailed me. Her blend of essential oils are refreshing and relaxing and her massage was the best massage I’ve ever had. I am a hairdresser and have lots of neck and shoulder pain; usually massages will relieve a little of the discomfort, but after Michelle’s massage, I left without a pain in my body. Thank you Michelle.

Sophie R.
San Francisco, CA

It’s hard to describe exactly what Michelle does. She has a deep & wide understanding of the body and the techniques to . . . . really, genuinely make you feel better.

So it might be lymphatic. It might be muscle work. It might be gentle energy touches. Whatever it is, you know that it’s for YOU exclusively. No cookie cutter massages here – Michelle is a genius at customizing to your needs, even when you’re not exactly sure what your needs are!

Furthermore (I know – could it get any better?!), she has this slightly undefinable talent to focus on what is really bothering you. Even if you are a total Western science guru, Michelle is well versed in some really interesting contemporary theories about energy, the body, and healing.

So – she’s awesome. I feel lucky to have found her. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Lyn S.
San Francisco, CA

I purchased this on Yelp deal since I was looking for a different kind of experience for detoxification massage, and I thought why not give it a try since it sounded like a good deal, and I was right! Michelle has this calming and soothing aura around her that makes you feel really pleasant. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was really excited when she did a custom birth chart for me (yes I find horoscopes-related stuff really fun) and she made me feel like she’d known me for a while. I have to admit the best part was the massage. She uses very specific essential oils to your need and does combination of a lot of traditional strokes. I feel like my mood became much more lightened up when I walked out her door. Also, she did a followup service to me when I emailed her about what kind of aromatherapy I should get that are best suited to my skin and she replied right away. Overall, everything’s definitely worth the visit!

Gina L.
San Francisco, CA

I recently had a bad case of sciatica and was in need of some serious pain relief. I had been to EOS once before a few years back and thought Michelle was one of the best practitioners I had ever been to but didn’t feel like I would benefit from life coaching. I was wrong. Michelle helped me through this hard time not only with body work but just as importantly looking at the way I approach my personal and professional life with logic and truth. My body feels better and I have a greater insight and clarity that I am actively applying to achieving my goals.

John L.
San Francisco, CA

The whole family loves working with Michelle! She is very intuitive and tailors her work for each individual.

Each one of us comes with different medical issues and turn to Michelle for help and healing. She has taught us to work with her in an effort to release the energy of what does not serve us any longer. This encourages us to make space for things we want in life.

She has provided us with techniques to deal with stress, pain, and physical, emotional and spirtual issues. Michelle combines many kinds of techniques including acupressure, lymphatic, astrological aromatherapy and other transpersonal therapies. She does great transformational work while spoiling us with smart water and goji berries, chocolate covered almond treats.

We pass her name to our friends and familu or anyone who is looking for a deep healing with respect and awe. Often we have the response, “thanks for such a great present.”

She is a truly gifted healer and all should be fortunate enough to have a chance to work with her.

Daniella M (daughter) and Florence M (mother)

Daniella M.
San Francisco, CA

I met Michelle a few days ago, and from the start, she was present, and though my body was and is in healing, I was able to feel present with her. I never had a massage where I was able to feel such honest conversation, and touch, in a place where I felt safe. I felt amazing after the session, and I would recommend for anyone to go. I could comment on how clean and comfortable the space was, which it was, but it was more about Michelle and her gift. Thank you!

Christine F.
San Francisco, CA

One of the lessons I seem destined to work on in life is recognizing how energy flows through us and around us, how we ARE energy, and how being attuned to our energy helps us reach our potential. I was not considering bodywork when Michelle came to my business as a customer, but I was instantly struck by her strong presence and the sense I had that she was “reading” my energy as we communicated. In the course of our transaction she invited me to schedule an appointment for a massage appointment.

Michelle has numerous qualities that elevate the massage experience, and my appointments with her (I’ve had three now) have gone way above and beyond what I would consider just a good massage. She has an holistic approach, inquiring about how I am, what is going on in my life, and helping me recognize where and how body, mind, and spirit correlate. These are qualities I expect in a good health care provider and seldom have associated with bodyworkers. She has an awesome touch, and seems intuitively to know just where to go, sometimes generously running past the clock to persist with deep knots and areas that need extra attention. Michelle’s work is as much about maximizing health and potential as it is about feeling good. Her demeanor is professional and warm, she is very attentive to creating a safe space to relax and let go, and she always sends you on your way with thoughts or suggestions to help extend the quiet space of the session out into the world (as well as making sure you stay well-hydrated!).

Like so many of us I carry stress and emotion in the fiber of my being, often without realizing how deeply so. I leave my appointments with Michelle feeling light, centered, renewed, and empowered. I highly recommend checking out Michelle and EOS Lymphatic Massage. Her skill is superlative, and she could not have a more apt surname.

Chris B.
San Francisco, CA

I met Michelle a couple of times rights now and I am absolutely amazed how great she is, I had lot and lots of massages and Lymphatic massages but non of them compares to hers.

She has angels hands and she is very sweet, she feels your body while she is giving you the massage. She knows what she is doing and she do an amazing JOB

Pamella P.
San Francisco, CA

I felt myself relaxing just sitting down in her office. Michelle was attentive to my needs and conscious of what was happening with my body at the time. After 75 minutes in her care, the tightness and pain I was feeling was gone along with the stress that caused it. Truly a rewarding experience.

Stephen N.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is an amazing person and massage therapist. She knows exactly what your body needs. I have recommended many clients and friends to her. Every single one of them has only positive things to say.

victoria p.
South San Francisco, CA

Michelle is a miracle worker. I have been getting life altering massages from her for a number of years now and can’t sing her praises enough. I have sent others to her and they all swear by her talents as well. Whether you are just looking for a relaxing massage or you are looking to heal an injury of some kind, Michelle will cater to your needs and take the best care of you. Do yourself a favor and book a session. You won’t regret it.

L S.
Sunnyvale, CA

If you need a getaway from the city in the city go see Michelle! You will feel more grounded and get an amazing massage. She uses quality essential oils and knows which one to apply depending on whats going on with your body at the moment. She is always supportive and willing to help in anyway she can. If you are looking for a place that cares about customers and quality this is the place to go more than once! She will get you to become a regular. Your body will crave that bodywork.

M. F.
San Francisco, CA

It’s always a pleasure to see Michelle! After being a client for many years Michelle’s treatments are still the best. The best massage you will ever get. She is honest, intuitive and gives the best advice. It’s not just a regular massage but a healing experience. You leave feeling like a new person. Plus she uses the best aromatherapy oils and leaves you some creams and sprays to take home. I can’t wait until my next visit and recommend anyone considering to book. You won’t regret it and will be hooked!

M. F.
San Francisco, CA

EOS is my favorite place for bodywork. After so many years Michelle never fails to go above and beyond. I make it a monthly habit to see Michelle and would see her more often if time permitted. The bodywork and essential oils leave me feeling like a new person every time. She has helped me learn the importance of self care and to listen to my body. Every visit is recharging your body. I would also recommend booking for two hours and time flies when you are on her massage table.

M. F.
San Francisco, CA

EOS still remains my to go place for regular massages after years and Michelle never fails to do an amazing job. She is always fully present, professional, honest and makes everything so much clearer. She truly wants to help and does. Your body and mind start to feel better and work together. It is like magic, and you walk out feeling recharged. It is not just a massage, it is an experience you get when you go to EOS with amazing essential oils and treats that Michelle is so generous to offer. Michelle has taught me how to take better care of myself and my body and always knows what my body is in need of and is able to combine techniques. I even sent my husband for a massage who was complaining of back pain and he felt much better after his visit. Pay Michelle a visit and you will be hooked! Do book in advance since her schedule fills up quickly.

M. F.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is amazing. She is honest and direct. She helps you find solutions for anything that is bothering you. She helps you see things clearly and solve your problems with simple steps. She also gives the best massage. She is sincere and truly helps your body and mind. After seeing Michelle I always feel so much better and learn something new.

M. F.
San Francisco, CA

I no longer live in SF, but I occasionally visit the city for various reasons. While I am in the city, I try to squeeze in a session or two with Michelle for a lymphatic massage. The treatment with Michelle helps me overcome jet lag, reduce swelling and muscle pain, and just feel better overall. Her aromatherapy knowledge is top notch, and her use of essential oils is amazing. She truly cares for her clients, reminding you about self-care, and generously provides you with snack, water, and aromatherapy sprays and creams to take home. Thank you Michelle!

Soo I.
San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend Michelle. When I first moved to SF, I had tremendous amount of stress, which led me to have a swollen lymph node on my neck for the first time in my life. I was terrified, but when the doctor recommended a lymphatic massage for this, I searched online and found Michelle. After two sessions with Michelle, the swollen lymph node was completely gone, as well as my stress. I have lived in several different cities and countries, and experienced many lymphatic massages, but I can honestly say that Michelle is the best. Since then, I continue to see Michelle for both lymphatic massage and the life coaching session. Michelle treated me for many different symptoms, but what I appreciate the most is that she listens to me and my body, and helps me know more about myself. There have been some times when I was in some difficult situations, and desperately needed her help, she was always there, quickly responding and helping me in every way she can, which I sincerely appreciate. Just after one single session, I am completely healed both physically and emotionally, and not only do I notice it myself, but also people around me notice it, too. That’s how powerful her work is. Go see Michelle today, and you will not regret it.

Soo I.
San Francisco, CA

This was my second visit with Michelle, only this time I went for the full treatment — “The Body Astrology Lifestyle & Clairsentient Counseling & Massage.” What an amazing treat! Her space is clean & bright & full of delightful surprises (as other reviewers have mentioned, in the form of Smartwater, snacks, books, scents, etc.). The heavy, cotton linens she uses for the massage table are positively heaven on earth! (Warm Things)

Her essential oil blends are amazing. Beautiful, uplifting “Good Morning”, “Earth” for grounding. Customized aromatherapy based on your needs! The massage felt deeply therapeutic, whole body, plus work on areas my emotional tension may be stored.

I am one of those people who actually believes in astrology and likes to use astrological information to explain what shows up in my life. I trust Michelle’s intuitive wisdom based on my birth chart and those of my relationships. I have already put some of her insights to good use. As tools, she suggested techniques to interrupt bad patterns & help me to navigate out of what seemed like a dead-end situation. So far so good!
She made several simple recommendations about nutrition and self-care for me and my loved ones that have already made a bit of a difference.

In short, Michelle is a wonderful masseuse and very generous with her energy & wisdom. As a life counselor she offers practical, nurturing advice which truly helps accelerate positive change, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thank you Michelle!!!!

Roxanne D.
San Francisco, CA

I found Michelle Bravo on Yelp. The lymphatic massage includes a bit of an interview first to learn about what you expect from the session and what it means to detox. Michelle gave health advice as well as intuitive hits based on my birth information which I found useful. The massage was exceptional, relaxing and intense as she lets you breathe in the scent of a series of essential oils before working on muscles and tissue. Afterwards she gives you Smart water and tangerines. I had high expectations whiche all were fulfilled. I still feel the benefits. Thank you, Michelle.

Roxanne D.
San Francisco, CA

FINALLY, Found someone that understands Lymphatic massage. Michele is a wonderful kind knowledgeable person. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to heal their body.
Michele Thank You

Harold A C.
Kingsburg, CA

Had a chance to experience Mommy Makeover post op massages by Michelle. The environment was secluded, tranquilizing, soothing & professional.

During the Lymphatic drainage massages, she was able to engage me by providing feedback on tense locations that needed to be worked on, as well as pinpointed my stressed areas.

Michelle’s professionalism and thorough knowledge has helped me improve my overall well being, and the water based types of oils she uses are not only hypoallergenic but sensational & leave your body adequately hydrated.

Overall, my experience was relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic. It is very rare that you find a masseuse who identifies your stress areas, and also assists you in implementing a plan to ensure an ongoing happy healing process.

If you are looking for a quality highly skilled masseuse, you should most definitely contact her. You won’t regret it.

Malkia B.
Oakley, CA

Michelle is a wonderful healer! I always feel better in mind, body and spirit after seeing her. She really cares about her clients and has a great deal of technical expertise. She’s amazing. Highly recommend

Adrienne I.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is a very gifted professional.

Tuning into clear communication from my body as well as my words, she was able to first give me practical day to day coaching and simple applicable ways to instantly improve my way of being in the world…and that was the just the first consultation.

I went back shortly after for a lymphatic massage which not only felt amazing at the time, but after about 3 solid days later continuing the detoxing and chugging water to flush my system, I felt FANTASTIC, full of energy, vibrant. I had been suffering and complaining about my constant stuffy nose that has seemed to decide to just stay for months after a really bad cold. I was shocked and so very pleased that within a few days the stuffiness…completely cleared up.

Besides that, she’s just an amazing person. She communicates well, very direct, and really seems to care about you. With follow up calls and emails checking in, offering followup advice, she’s so great and my words here don’t really encapsulate the full impact of the experience.

Do yourself a life changing favor and go see her! I’m going back without a doubt!

Jason P.
San Francisco, CA

I found Michelle Bravo when I moved to S.F. I searched for lymphatic drainage massage on Google because I was post-op & needed to continue my lymphatic drainage treatments.
I read Michelle’s reviews on Yelp! & gave her a call. Over the phone, Michelle was polite, helpful & found a perfect time for our first meeting.
From my very first session, I realized Michelle was not only able to help heal my body but also to “read” it in a very beautiful and unusualway. Her style & combination of treatments really impressed me. Nobody I have ever known had had her abilities, talents or skills. After 12 sessions of lymphatic drainage with her (almost 2 months of treatment) my perspective on my life had changed for the better. My body responded so well to her treatments looking slimmer & less swollen that my aunt in Brazil mentioned on Facebook how, “skinny,” I looked! LOL! Magic! J
Her attentive & caring way she works with herclients really made a difference in my post-op healing. Michelle taught me how to connect & take care of my body in a special way that I will do for the rest of my life. I highly recommend her if your are interested not just in lymphatic drainage but also in her particular coaching method Michelle does as she also taught me how to be more confident in my personal life.
Thanks Michelle for all your support!

Erika S.
Menlo Park, CA

I had a really positive experience with Michelle. Immediately, I felt like she was telling me “it’s safe to be you here” without here even saying the words, and I felt comfortable telling her what was going on physically and in life. In one session helped me feel reconnected to my own body, which is something I’ve been having trouble doing since an injury that’s prevented me from working out/practicing yoga. I felt really good after her session and can’t wait to see here again.

Jillian F.
Venice, Venice, CA

‘I’m so happy finding Michelle for a extraordinary treatment! She is very intuitive and makes you seen as a whole.
Because of her huge background she is able giving help on every ‘level’!
I appreciate being with her so much and hope meeting up with her ones again in this life – I was visiting San Francisco…
Thank you so much Michelle, wished I could get my lymphatic drainage forever from you!!!

Claudia A.
Monterey, CA

I’ve been working with Michelle for almost two years now after receiving a recommendation from a friend. I remember I was excited and nervous at the same time because I didn’t know what to expect from this type of work. Michelle immediately impressed me with her professionalism, dedication to her patients, and incredible skill. (She also thoughtfully provides purified water, snacks, and chocolate.) I do both the coaching and lymphatic drainage massage and love how each compliments the other. Working with Michelle has given me great confidence on many levels. She has helped me to take better care of myself, feel more connected with my body, work through challenges and life events much faster and with greater ease, and really trust my intuition and the signs my body is giving me. I am extremely grateful for Michelle and know without a doubt that I am much better off because of the work I do with her. I think of all of the things she has helped me understand, including my relationships and why I’m attracting what I am into my life. She has also helped me to make sense of past relationships and let go of any trauma tied to them. Michelle is charismatic, generous, thoughtful, and honest. She’s also a lot of fun with incredible energy and a laugh that can make anyone smile. She truly values the people she works with and is willing to give as much time and energy as needed to help. She is also so wonderful about following-up and checking in to see how you’re doing after a session. I highly recommend working with Michelle and making this investment into yourself. You will be glad you did!! 🙂

Caitlin H.
San Francisco, CA

I’ve been going to Michelle for years. A session with her is one of the best gifts I can give myself. From the moment I walk in to her calming, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment and presence, I feel transported. Her healing touch, words and aromatherapy are always transformative. She is amazing and unique in her ability to connect and to heal on many levels. I leave feeling lighter, better, even radiant.

Laura C.
Menlo Park, CA

I have no words for how amazing Michelle is! She has helped me find practical ways to get through anything. She is professional, respectful and fun to be around. After each session and massage, I felt better going into the week ahead. As we continued to work together, the positive effects would last longer and longer. I have learned how to take better care of myself and it has impacted every aspect of my life. I cannot recommend Michelle enough!

Katie H.
Austin, TX

I really enjoyed my time with Michelle. Not only did she schedule time for me outside of her normal business hours, but added an additional hour to our time together to help me work through some issues, gain a new perspective and more fully understand myself, and her process as well as work through some shoulder pain that has been plaguing me for years. She is incredibly easy to talk to and provides a very comforting office space as well. I will be scheduling another appointment in the future and have already recommended her to friends.

Maura C.
San Francisco, CA

I was recommended by a friend to visit Michelle and so happy that I visited her. She made it very comfortable and safe for me to be vulnerable and I left feeling more connected to my body. She only uses the best products and worked a lot on my back for necessary reasons – I woke up the next morning still feeling effects of her massage. Looking forward to seeing her again.

Natasha W.
San Francisco, CA

If you suffer from a chronic disease do yourself a favor and make an appointment. Michelle offer’s a unique perspective that is hard to find anywhere else. I’m a little pessimistic about alternative therapies; however her therapies and insights are fully encompassing offering help for both mental and physical problems (they go hand in hand). I suffer from chronic lyme disease and the lymphatic massages were exactly what I needed for detoxing. I look forward to my next massage with her.

Christopher A.
Oceanside, CA

My name is daniel Hancock I have been coming to see Michelle bravo for 5 years. Michelle has really helped me with her life coaching and massage to better oneself and to listen to your body first and foremost because your body tells you when something is off or not right, Michelle thru her own amazing journey has taught me so much about understanding and understanding the body and getting in touch with who we are as individuals. Michelle is truly a gifted and wonder person.

Daniel H.
San Francisco, CA

I’ve seen Michelle around 8 times or so in the past year for post-surgical lymphatic massage. After a round of surgeries, I felt pretty beat up, both physically and emotionally. Everything was just STUCK, and I didn’t see a way out. Overall, I was extremely pessimistic and angry.

I had never had a lymphatic massage before, but somehow thought that it would be a good investment after multiple surgeries. I found Michelle by simply Googling “lymphatic massage San Francisco”. She was one of the first search results, and I booked an appointment online. I came to my first appointment expecting a more “clinical” massage that focused on the lymph nodes, but that’s not exactly what Michelle does, or it’s not only what she does. She believes that physical manifestations have their roots in our emotional lives. So much of the time, I don’t connect my physical with my emotional, and I miss so many things that my body is trying to tell me. Like many people, I live too much in my head, and I needed a reminder that my body is HERE and it needs care too.

Many of the things she said to me during my first appointment (and subsequent appointments) have stayed with me. I went in expecting just a regular ol’ massage, but instead, I gained a sort of partner, a sounding board, and guide. Michelle has talked me through relationship and career issues, in addition to my medical issues, and her observations have been spot on. She’s extremely intuitive and perceptive. She’ll surprise you with what she can deduce. If you’re ready to take an honest look at yourself, Michelle is a fantastic partner in that endeavor.

Mandy M.
San Francisco, CA

I just had my first session with Michelle yesterday and I already feel better about myself and my body! A little background on me, I had plastic surgery a little over a month ago which has been a really, really traumatic and difficult experience for me. I had read about lymphatic drainage massage before surgery for scar tissue (lumps under the skin) that develops after surgery and found Michelle here on Yelp. From the very first time we spoke on the phone, I could feel her compassion and her desire to help me feel better. Fast forward to my session, she helped me begin to understand myself and my body in a way that I had not thought about before. The massage itself was great, she was working all of the spots I had scar tissue build up without having to tell her exactly where I felt it. She knows her stuff. This morning when I woke up, I was surprised that the lumps felt smaller and smoother already! Even my brother was surprised at the difference when he took a look just now. Michelle has helped give me hope that I will see the results I want from my surgery in time when my body heals and I will most definitely be seeing her again for more sessions throughout this process. If you are considering plastic surgery or had plastic surgery, I highly recommend seeing Michelle to help not only with the physical aspect of healing but also the emotional side of the experience.

E A.
Stonestown, San Francisco, CA

Michelle has been my life coach and bodyworker for the past three years and has facilitated a number of breakthroughs for me. I have made significant progress in every area of my life (romantic relationship, career, health, interpersonal skills, peace of mind and spiritual development) and have found in her a trusted advisor and partner in my journey. I greatly benefited from her holistic approach that begins with helping you understanding the impact of birth family and early childhood in shaping your views and experiences of the world. Her approach is to then focus on the relationships between body, mind and tackling the present moment with awareness and intentionality. She helps you explore how choices impact our state and teaches the skills of empowerment through self-care. I highly recommend her based on the depth and breadth of her skills as well as her unwavering commitment to help each client embrace and develop their unique potential to its optimal flourishing.

Frank G.
San Francisco, CA

My friend recommended Michelle and I decided to give it a go. And it was a wonderful experience. Michelle is knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She connected to my body right away and explained the things my body needed. It was clear after meeting her that my body and mind were not as aligned as I thought. Now I am aware and I have the resources to align my mind, body and soul. I hope to see her again very soon!

Anne T.
San Francisco, CA

It was such a treat and what a find. I wish I lived closer. I live in Lake Tahoe and will return to San Francisco just to see my new life coach every chance I get. Love Michelle ! She is one of a kind. Wonderful person and really takes pride in what she does. Not only did she get to know me really well for the first part of the session, then onto the lymphatic message. She works knots and tensions following the body muscle mapping to eradicate toxins and aches for a state of inner-peace. A genuine art of living massage that works on the entire body using delicate oil. What a treat to know Michelle. Hopefully you will have the pleasure of meeting her as well.

Wendy M.
Gardnerville, NV

I travel a lot for work, and usually book a lymphatic massage to deal with occasional swelling near a surgery site after a long flight. After reading the reviews here I booked Michelle Bravo, and was not disappointed. Her technique was professional and effective, and she had an intuitive ability that made it more than the sum of its parts. By the end of the 90 minutes, I walked out with a better understanding of myself. Even though I’m a pretty straightforward East Coast type, I appreciated her sensitivity and approach and absolutely recommend her without reservation.

June M.
Ossining, NY

I have had issues with allergies as early as 7 years old. I booked a session for the first time with Michelle in December after a very busy travel schedule. All I can say is, WOW! I now go in to see Michelle once or twice a week just to stay on track with feeling better. The frog throat voice I’ve kinda had all my life from allergies? Gone. I definitely recommend EOS Lymphatic Massage if you’ve had issues with allergies. Check her out. She’s the real deal.

Raymond K.
San Francisco, CA

I scheduled a massage with Michelle but when I came in she could see that I needed to talk first so she spent our first hour discussing physical and emotional issues that were bothering me. She then scheduled (free of charge) another session a few days later for the actual massage, which was so much more helpful because she knew what to target. Michelle is a beautiful person who truly cares. She framed things for me in a way that allowed me to think through things much differently and really change my life. Absolutely recommend.

Mary S.
Phoenix, AZ

Words can’t capture the positive impact Michelle was able to affect on my life. She is passionate, caring, and thorough. I went into her office overwhelmed, tensed and stressed as I am going through an extremely rough period. She was able help me manage my stress level and I walked away from her office feeling grounded, reassured and contented.

Foodie B.
San Francisco, CA

I´m seeing Michelle regularly for a couple of years now. Her lymphatic massage, which not only feels amazing, has an incredible effect on my body since I was suffering about constant pain in my swollen legs. Michelle´s technique is outstanding and in combination of using essential oils every session deeply relaxes me and I almost always fall asleep.

From the first moment I received her treatment I could feel how Michelle understood my body and myself. Her communication skills are amazing and her holistic concept really works!

I can´t thank Michelle enough for her exceptional work and will continue seeing her without a doubt. She is truly gifted!

T. K.
San Francisco, CA

I started with Michelle for bodywork a little over a year ago. She was amazing, working out troubled areas of tightness and stress. Each time I left her office, I felt such release and knew my body was not only restored but also building strength and flexibility. Michelle is a master of her technique so I decided to add coaching to the bodywork we were doing. It’s amazing what we have uncovered and the progress we are making. She moves you through blocked areas through her support in the office and encouragement between visits.

Jackie K.
San Francisco, CA

(Out of my head and from my body)

I say that Michelle helped me re-connect to the things I already knew yet neglected for far too long and coached me into understanding how to be within my body (NOW). Not just my head.

With a direct honesty that felt almost shocking at first until I set my conditioned ego aside and allowed this refreshing being in. Her understanding of all the interrelations amazed me and gave me even more thirst for knowledge. The coaching session was eye opening and the body work was clearing and very thorough. I feel different and even feel as though I have my voice back.

Reconnecting is easier than most people think and she helps guide you back to that understanding.

Do you want your Human Experience to be more fulfilling? Do yourself and your friends and or family members a favor..Go see Michelle and open your possibilities to more.

…and that was the just the first consultation / body work session.

I am going back without a doubt.

Thank you Michelle!

Justin M.
Oakland, CA

I’ve worked with Michelle for lymphatic massage, massage and coaching services. She is a wonderful practitioner and fantastic person. Her ability to foster and promote bodily awareness is unlike anyone I’ve ever met or worked with.

I always leave Michelle’s office feeling simultaneously pampered, relaxed and stimulated. She has a rare gift for marrying top-notch communication skills and insight with great massage practices. And though her insight is spot-on, her delivery always makes you feel as though she is illuminating and discovering with you (rather than for you). She also offers suggestions for integrating findings into your day-to-day life.

By considering your personal communication style and way of being, Michelle’s ideas are always simple steps to make noticeable changes. I’ve noticed differences in my relationship with myself, my work, friends and loved ones.

I can’t recommend Michelle highly enough. She needs 6 stars!

Lauren D.
Fort Worth, TX

In one word: AHHHHHMAZING. (And that’s because life-changing is technically two.)

There are countless positive words I can attribute to Michelle’s services, professionalism, and expertise in her dual fields of both massage and coaching, but I will try to keep this concise for the reader’s sake!

I regularly partake in bodywork as part of my own maintenance routine. As a professional chef, I am on my feet for long hours for days in a row, and after Thanksgiving week – 70+ hours standing in only 4 days – my entire body was suffering and my legs, ankles, and feet were terribly swollen. While I have friends who provide lymphatic massage up Sebastopol way, I live in the city and did not want to drive 90 minutes to get completely relaxed and have to drive all the way home, so I did a search for lymphatic massage in SF.

The consistent 5-star reviews drew me in, and I explored the clean and simple EOS website. I followed up with a phone call and left a message as the times and dates I was looking at online were further out than I had hoped. Still, I was planning to book 2 weeks in advance anyway because of the raves! Before I had a chance to, Michelle called me back and my first appointment was booked for the very next morning.

True to reviews, her space is as bright, white, and inviting as a blank page to an artist. The temperature is just right, the sheets & blankets are soft and fresh, and I’ve felt like I was the first person there for the day even though she’s told me that she’d seen other clients before me! The massage itself is thorough with the appropriate level of pressure applied at each of the parts of the body she works on – as in deeper at the shoulders where things can be really tight, and lighter on more tender areas like ankles and knees – and I both saw and felt the physical results immediately as well as after following the hydration and detoxification protocol that she clearly laid out for me.

What I did not expect, and what I am most blown away by and grateful for, was the level of communication that Michelle maintains with both my brain and my body during the massage. She is amazingly intuitive, and in conversation and with the pointed questions of someone who also has a Masters in psychotherapy, she pointedly addressed potential emotional roots to physical symptoms. Vocalized, even I felt my body say “Yes! This is what I have been trying to tell you, Nicole!”, and the whole experience has led me to start making changes both within and without to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and even unnecessary material possessions that are weighing me down and inhibiting forward movement. Since I am one of those people who believes that if we aren’t moving forward or evolving, then we’re stuck in a rut, THIS IS A GREAT THING.

I have already recommended EOS and Michelle to most of the people I know, and share the soundbites of wisdom that she has imparted upon me pretty much daily. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon her business in my Google search, and intend to keep this whole-person-healing-relationship going! THANK YOU MICHELLE!!

Nicole P.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle isn’t shy with the beautiful scents and oils. This is a special treat well worth the price!

Stacy W.
San Francisco, CA

I saw Michelle a few months ago while I was back home in SF visiting my folks. At the time, I was coping with a terrible ear infection and thought a lymphatic massage would be beneficial to open my eustachian tubes. I came in extremely sleep-deprived and somewhat hungover, expecting only to address the physical illness I was experiencing, not the emotional and spiritual underpinnings.

I was intimidated by Michelle’s intense and straightforward nature as soon as I walked into her office (also a few minutes late, thus feeling doubly awkward). Alas, I ended up leaving her downtown office feeling like a realigned, invigorated, and whole human being. Although I didn’t anticipate having such a thorough analysis of my personality and life circumstances as a precursor to the massage, this segment of our appointment ended up being the most galvanizing.

Michelle is a very direct and skilled communicator, I could feel her deep understanding and compassion enveloping me as I talked. It’s rare to meet someone so capable of seeing you as an individual and healing you from the inside out. She empowered me to look within myself honestly and address the deeper causes of my recurrent physical maladies, offering an effective and holistic framework for self-work. The bodywork portion of the appointment was also spectacular, and felt like a perfect counterpart to our conversation. Michelle gave me a copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay that has been well-worn in the months since I’ve seen her. Like Hay, Michelle is a champion of personal growth and self-healing.

I live in Denver now but I have every intention of paying her another visit when I’m back in town. Michelle embodies a rare combination: she’s an inspiring, generous, and San Francisco-savvy businesswoman yet also a sparkling, kickass spiritual healer.

Teresa K.
Denver, CO

Michelle is awesome!

Gloria F.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is hands down (no pun intended) the best massage therapist in the Bay Area. It’s hard to describe the high level of her skills in the areas of massage, aromatherapy and life coaching, but I’ll do my best. Her massages are relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating, and therapeutic. She always greets me with a welcoming and positive energy and a soothing smile, even at the end of long days where she’s already given many massages. The sessions always begin with Michelle checking in with you about my emotional state, and she uses this information to the focus of her body and aromatherapy she’ll custom tailor to each session. She concentrates much effort on stimulating the lymphatic system, which involves massaging spleen, liver, kidneys and abdomen. Few massage therapists pay any attention to these areas, but Michelle has mastered the fine art of massaging these sensitive areas. Her hands are incredibly powerful, but also gentle, and she uses this combination of her power and gentleness in an intelligent way that yields very positive results. She also is able to identify the areas of your body where your energy is blocked and uses state of the art techniques to removed the blocks and get your energy flowing again. Michelle is also a highly trained aromatherapist. During her massages, she uses pharmaceutical grade essential oils to compliment her body work. The symbiotic impact of her massage and aromatherapy skills is quite simply awe inspiring. I feel the delightful results of her work for days after the massage. Michelle also gives insightful and intelligent life coaching advice based on astrological charts. If only I had listened more to her observations. I could have averted from several major personal and financial disasters in my life resulting from my failures to acknowledge my astrological profile. Michelle is totally dedicated to her clients and genuinely cares about her clients. Her studio is small but tastefully appointed and impeccably maintained and organized. Put simply, Michelle is an absolute gem. Her reviews on Yelp are all full of praise, which says most everything about her. I could not possible recumbent her more highly.

Daniel F.
San Francisco, CA

My sister told me about Michelle. I agree with everyone’s detailed review and accounts on what happens during a session with Michelle. My physical experience through the massage and life coaching is all congruent with all past reviews. I don’t need to repeat what everyone else has already written. Here I will add: You don’t have to be a believer. Just go and do you and your body a favor and see Michelle. I work on a cruise ship as a manager in the entertainment department. I’ve gone to Michelle after every contract. It’s almost like my body tells her all sorts of stuff that I’m not verbally saying to her. She’s like the ‘body whisperer’. I had to comeback another day because Michelle used up the whole 2 hours JUST on my body. The Life Coaching had to be rescheduled. I truly respected the fact that Michelle was committed to the needs of my body’s healing and wasn’t going to allow me to leave ‘half-cooked’. Sounds funny,but it’s true. I left in a beautiful daze and got lost on my way to a Pho’ restaurant for lunch. LOL! It’s been over a month since my last session with Michelle and I’m still feeling the effects of her massage and coaching. Just Do It!

Pamela N.
Northridge, CA

I had no expectation which was probably good. My appointment was on a Sunday at 8 am, and this was on the same day as the SF Marathon. I thought l was going to get there late due to several streets been closed on that day. However, l arrived a few minutes before Michelle.

When Michelle arrived, my first impression was that l may not like her approach. Nonetheless, once l filled out the intake form, Michelle wanted to get some background information on me. Her service was wonderful–and Michelle is a wonderful life coach.

I love the minimalist look in Michelle’s office. Her space is quaint, though Michelle’s service is a little pricey, it’s worth the experience especially if you’re focused on wellness.

Eve R.
San Francisco, CA

Although she may not know, well- I guess until now, I had a session with Michelle the other day. I drove her to work; as soon as she got into the car I had a smile on my face. As we drove downtown we talked about this and we talked about that- slowly touching on the who, what, where and back when of San Francisco. Instantly we connected- two natives talking about the city we love. When she exited the car I was left with a feeling of happiness, empowerment, and had a clearer picture of what I needed to attain fulfillment. Thanks Michelle…

My D.
My D. San Francisco, CA

Michelle is great. I found her service through Yelp and can echo other reviewers in saying that Michelle’s massages are fantastic. She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole session. Her services are pricy but it’s reflective of her work so I didn’t mind paying a little more.

Abi G.
San Francisco, CA

This was my first time getting a lymphatic massage, but i would definitely like to go again. Even before the session started, Michelle took the time to talk with me and understand my situation. It was a breath a fresh air and the massage was also great! I look forward to seeing her again very soon =)

Jerome P.
San Francisco, CA

I felt stuck in my life. I felt stuck in my career, my relationships and just everything around me was negative. All that happened to me in the same time. I was VERY stressed. At this point of my life I was so confused and I didn’t know which direction to follow. So, I started to search on yelp some kind of help like a healing person. This way I found Michelle. I read reviews on yelp and I decided to give it a try! Everything on yelp about Michelle is true!!! Michelle has a gift to help people to figure out what they want, which direction to go and Michelle helps to get rid of the negative energy.

Michelle has a good personality. She can read you and tell you who you are. Michelle is a caring person and make sure she helps her clients FIRST! After a session Michelle gives you a snack and Smart water.

I just want to say that I have never experienced the type of massage Michelle gives. That was THE BEST massage and experience ever in my life. So, if you feel stuck in your life and you just don’t know what to do, where to go, in this case I recommend you to visit Michelle. You will find all the answers!!!

Thank you Michelle very much!!!


Cisco S.
San Francisco, CA

I have never posted at yelp before, eventhough I always use it to find good things and thanks to all the good reviews I saw about Michelle, I decided to make an appointment with her. And I am so thankful for the reviews that made me choose her that I decided to do the same, in order to help other findings the same pleasure and good service I found there.
She is so caring, Intuitive, pleasant to talk to. Has so much knowledge about what she is doing, that is difficult to explain with words. We just have to experience it in person.
Thanks Michelle and thanks yelp for helping me find her.

Mari S.
San Francisco, CA

A wonderful experience! Michelle offers kind but no-nonsense life, changing life affirming coaching sessions combined with intense but respectful and totally focused bodywork. She has helped me move into the next phase of my life with her commitment to my well-being as her client and fellow human being. Would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone (regardless if age) facing the many transformations that accompany living one’s life to the fullest.

Evelyn M.
San Francisco, CA

I do not know where to start as I am speechless. For the price of a 2 hr lymphatic massage I’ve gotten + the coaching session, I have received a treatment you can’t put a price on. That’s how great it was. Michelle is an angel sent from God, I swear. I’m starting to believe that. I walked out of her place, happy, no pain, relaxed and my entire day just went amazing. I can’t thank her enough for the incredible treatment. What I truly love about her is that she LOVES doing what she does. She’s just a soft and lovely butterfly. Thank you Michelle, you have exceeded my expectations and I am your number one fan from Kuwait.

Dalal A.
San Francisco, CA

I saw Michelle while on a visit to SF and let me just say I contemplated for a split second of how I could move to the area. I arrived expecting to just get a massage and left with much more than that. She is intuitive and very informative of holistic therapies to help alleviate everyday ailments. So appreciative of her expertise!

Natalie R.
Dayton, OH

Michelle changed my life!!!! I started seen her years ago after my back surgery for lymphatic massage, and besides her work been absolutely fabulous she has an amazing energy and made me feel good about myself. She cured me from my post surgery pain, and she also gave me the glow I needed. She gave me great advices and I can say that with all my heart in 28 years of my life I have never really met many people like her. I felt that she came to this world to help people, and she is doing what she is suppose to do. She is a fabulous professional and person, definitely the best lymphatic massage I have ever had in my life.

Pamella O.
San Francisco, CA

I wanted to update my review to reflect more recent visits to Michelle. News: I still love this woman! She senses what’s going with you physically and emotionally and helps you heal whether you’re on the massage table or sitting on the couch talking. Her aromatherapy oils and massage techniques are grounding, and three days after my session, my muscles still feel revived and happy! Plus, her life coaching sessions aren’t whimsical or pedagogical. No tye die or new age music present, and she never makes you feel like she’s better than you just because she’s the one dishing out advice. She looks at your world with a wealth of life and business experience, and her savy and huge heart shows. Also, yelp discount or not, Michelle’s worth it. She’s marvelous.

Kirstin J.
Oakland, CA

I was expecting an in-depth, super long massage. Instead, I got someone who sat with me for over an hour talking about what was going on in my life to make my body react so violently against me, and advice about how to move on from my past emotional ailments that I’ve been holding on so long that my body was getting sick. THEN I got an amazing massage too. I would recommend her to anyone open to beneficial physical (and emotional) change. She’s awesome.

Kirstin J.
Oakland, CA

My session at EOS helped me build a positive and healthy foundation for managing my life and health and to continue to heal from past trauma and stress. Michelle has a great personality and presence for life coaching and knows how to get down to basics. I really liked her inclusion of astrology and philosophy with a very practical regimen for physical and mental health. Thanks Michelle!

M H.
San Francisco, CA

I searched for a lymphatic massage therapist and found EOS online, by chance. It was one of the best massage experiences I have had.

Michelle was very intuitive, patient and connected. This was not just a job or a service, but her passion and fulfillment. She addresses all aspects of our being, emotional, physical and is amazingly tuned to her client, very attentive. The massage is catered to the individual, to my needs and issues. I loved the whole experience.

The whole session was invigorating and reenergizing and a pleasure to meet Michelle, and to get to know a person like her.

Even if you do not ‘need’ a lymphatic massage or do not know what it is for, just get one from Michelle.

Nin R.
Elmhurst, IL

I had an amazing experience with Michelle. I can’t say enough good things–everything from booking the appointment, to meeting and discussing tx plan, to the actual body work, and to check out–were just first rate. I am just 1 treatment in but already feel the difference. Michelle really treats you like an individual and treats you according to your specific needs. She is a real “healer”.

Fay M.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle Bravo is a specialist in her field! My massage was more like an intense physical therapy session, than your typical massage. After my 2 hour session with Michelle, my entire body felt rejuvenated & energized. Her physical strength is remarkable. She is professional, caring, attentive, as well as highly credentialed. I highly recommend Michelle Bravo to anyone looking for positive results!

Mohamed A.
San Francisco, CA

Like a couple of others who’ve reviewed EOS, I went into my first session with Michelle skeptical. I came out of that first session AMAZED–truly AMAZED–and immediately scheduled another session. Michelle is a cool, down to earth person, sincere and attentive. She is also a gifted, skilled and totally present healer. I don’t understand all of the intricacies of her craft but I trusted her and the result was really beyond my ability to describe (and very much in line with the rest of the reviews here). Absolutely worth it.

Paul G.
Davis, CA

Fantastic massage from a professional. This treatment is really theaputic body-work. I had hurt my back some months ago and tried a few different types of treatments. EOS was fantastic , my 90 minutes was fantastic and healing. Thank you.

F J.
San Francisco, CA

This was my first holistic massage experience which was a post op lymphatic massage and it was super great. I wasnt sure what to expect. It was part therapy part massage. Michelle helped me “talk” to my body and my body talked back. I felt a sense of elation, renewed mental energy,
a sense of calmness and redirection when she was done. I’d totally recommend her services and can’t wait to go back!

San Francisco, CA

Michelle is extremely professional, conscientious, genuinely concerned toward body health and wellness, paid close attention, worked with us, took the time to educate and inform us, and extended a generous dose of care and kindness after we received deep body work. We were very satisfied with our visit, left feeling encouraged, cleansed, and physically healthier. The office is conveniently located downtown and easy enough to find. Thank you Michelle for your great care toward us. We very much appreciate your work and excellence.

Terrie C.
San Francisco, CA

EOS is a wonderful healing and massage therapy abode. Michelle looks at each person as a whole: mind, body, spirit. Be prepared for some intense work to be done on your entire self. The small office is clean, crisp and offers a comforting warmth. I highly recommend it if you are ready for a new beginning in your life moving forward. One piece of advice when you arrive at her office: Before you start your session, be sure to confirm with Michelle the length and type of massage/therapy that you reserved. I did NOT do that, and she ended up charging me for a 90 minute session instead of a 60 minute session, event hough I had booked only a 60 minute massage.

Molly M.
San Francisco, CA

I came to EOS in search of an effective lymphatic massage to help deal with the discouraging and tortorous herxing resulting from my Lyme disease treatment. I was simply seeking a relaxing way to detox, but I certainly got much more than I was looking for with Michelle.

My experience was absolutely gorgeous, from the water and snacks Michelle provided to the beautiful essential oils that accompanied her reassuring touch. Calming and soothing massage aside, Michelle is an exceptional person, and I think this is what sets EOS apart from the rest. She is intuitive and genuine in her practice, and very encouraging and prudent as a person. A holistic health practioner, Michelle is seriously committed to helping both your mind and body heal.

Ingrid C.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is an amazing practitioner. I have really enjoyed her massage.
I would not consider her a body worker. She is more than that. Her energy, knowledge and hands understand what is happening below the surface of the skin.

Tan A.
San Francisco, CA

I am here to write an outstanding review and I see that Michelle’s other clients feel the same way. I have been working hard at healing my lymphatic system since a dramatic reaction to major surgery over five years ago. I tried Michelle because of a Yelp deal and she may be the best lymphatic therapist I’ve ever had. And I’ve had many! Every detail was effortlessly covered. I have found that in the time I’ve been recovering it’s easy to get overwhelmed when interacting with people. But Michelle is so professional and intuitive that I left her presence with my energy levels intact. Thank you Ms. Bravo…

Bola O.
London, United Kingdom

Wow! What an experience!
I had one or two massages before but this one was special. Since then I have longed for that feeling of total relaxation, so I can’t wait for my next one.
Michelle performs miracles.

Albert K.
San Francisco, CA

Life changing. Michele is in tune and very perceptive just by observation at what you are going through and in need of and takes her personal time to give back her knowledge of what can heal you in whatever area of your life. I treat myself to this life altering event and massage once a month. I think I am in love!

Nancy C.
San Francisco, CA

I recently had vaser lipo surgery and unfortunately I have swelling, inflammation and soreness in my abdomen and flanks area..I was given a free massage with Michelle and she is a very gentle and supportive, and caring soul, who truly has your best interest at heart, even though I have some tender and sore spots, she gently massaged the areas and I saw immediate results, and decided from day one to purchase the series and each time I go, I feel and see results..while on my way to full recovery I know God has me in good hands…You will not be disappointed, she not only massages with her hands but also with her heart…

Tina R.
Emeryville, CA

A friend asked me to rate my massage with Michelle after my first experience and I said (with a lump in my throat) that I couldn’t even begin to rate it or compare it to other “massages”. For Yelp’s purposes — five stars. (As a side note, I’ve read yelp reviews for years now and never been so inclined to actually write one myself.) It’s so much more than your average massage because Michelle is such a gift. I can only speak from my own experiences with her (3 visits so far) and each one has been an intense, soul opening, muscle relaxing, tear flowing, heart warming epic session. I left her feeling physically relaxed, emotionally drained and spiritually awakened. That may sound over the top for those just looking for a good massage (I went in there looking for just that) but I believe it’s what you make of it and what you are deeply in need of. At the very least, you’ll have a great massage from a generous, warm, intuitive person who can customize your session according to what your body needs. It amazes and inspires me that she’s able to spend her days giving so much of herself to help other people with the healing power of touch. There really are some beautiful, miraculous things in this world. My sincerest thanks to you, Michelle.

Lauren R.
San Francisco, CA

A more complete, holistic, and healing experience I have yet to discover! The integrated lymphatic bodywork Michelle provided was superb. I’ve received massages for years; Michelle’s techniques go far beyond anything I’ve received from other massage therapists. Michelle’s attention to detail and ability to anticipate my every need (and keep me amply warm the whole tme!) made my session tremendous. The high grade essential oils, the calming space, and her therapeutic touch all worked to create my best massage experience ever. Thank you Michelle!

Sacha F.
Calgary, Canada

Over the years I have had a lot of massages and I’ve been personally doing bodywork for close to 10 years. Needless to say, I am a bit picky. It is one thing to just get a great massage and it is another to have that plus an entire healing experience. I have had just that through working with Michelle. She is highly technical, intuitive, grounded and present as she works. She has been working with me and addressing specific body patterns and life issues. I have had breakthroughs in every session. All I can say is be prepared for your sessions with Michelle to translate into positive changes that you feel in your body and experience in day to day life.

Kevin W.
San Rafael, CA

I was referred to EOS by my surgeon. I had the opportunity to work with Michelle following two surgeries, and all I can say is WOW. Michelle is professional, intuitive, and a wonderful to work with. Her understanding of the human body, massage, and aromatherapy is comprehensive–she knows her stuff. And her energy is comforting, soothing and healing for the body and soul.

It’s my pleasure to recommend Michelle and EOS.

Mark E.
Los Angeles, CA

I received Michelle’s healing powers as a gift from a dear friend who had received treatments from her. I have been on many a table and enjoyed the talents of many body workers and she is a whole new strata. With her various techniques of touch and marvelous energy, my body had a major cathartic release that I had not even envisioned. AMAZING.

michael c.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle has been working with me for several months in connection with 2 surgeries. She is awesome – very skilled in lymphatic massage, and very giving of herself and her knowledge. She has helped my swelling and scarring, as well as providing a good double check on my own thoughts my healing between doctor’s visits. While she isn’t a doctor, she works with many post surgical patients and has good insights into how the body heals. In my situation, I also experienced some outside stresses during my recovery, and Michelle was very supportive, offering her thoughts on the impact that stress was having on my healing, and how to try to deal with it better. I look forward to my sessions with her, and overall feel my recovery was greatly helped with her touch and her caring – she is very invested in all her clients, and it shows!

Heather S.
San Francisco, CA

I have never had a professional massage before I met Michelle Bravo. When I first got to know her, I was amazed at how deep she was and how easily she picks up on emotional history.

The same goes for her massage technique. She doesn’t just work over your physical ailments; She traces those ailments to your emotions and smooths them out. The knowledge in her bones seeps out through her fingers.

By the time my session with her was over, I was feeling more physically relaxed and looser than I had ever felt. I body felt undisturbed and unruined, as if I were just born. I was able to breathe more deeply for the first time, in a long time, or perhaps ever. She gives massage *therapy* a whole new meaning. I am extremely fortunate to have met Michelle Bravo. It was truly a pleasure.

Lee C.
San Francisco, CA

I went to Michelle for lymphatic after surgery. She ‘s not only a great massage therapist, she also actually cares about your well being in life. She heals from inside out and I would recommend her highly for all ranges of care from surgery to your weekly tuneup.

Robert S.
San Francisco, CA

All I can say is that my sessions with Michelle have been life altering. She has helped me recover from two surgeries, and has gifted me with her amazing perspectives. This is someone I will never forget. Never have I seen someone with more passion for her profession and for her patients. A true professional in every way. Thanks Michelle

Deborah C.
Alameda, CA

Michelle is the strongest and most grounded massage therapist I have ever had the good fortune to experience. She is extremely caring and professional, and her knowledge of the human body coupled with her innate sense of where one needs work is unparalleled.

She found a few old injuries that needed work without me even having mentioned them. Between the healing aromatherapeutic oils and her strong healing hands, I left her office floating, feeling more relaxed than I have in years (literally).

Her office is clean and soothing. I have had many massages in my life, and I speak from experience that she is the best massage therapist in the city. Now that I have found Michelle, I will use no other. I know a few other people that have gotten massages from Michelle, and when we get together, we cannot stop talking about how great she is. Honestly, she’s THAT good.

Her positive and holistic approach to mind/body interconnection is a wisdom that I will draw from all the years that I know and use Michelle’s excellent skill. An appointment with Michelle is the best investment you can make for your overall health.

Joen M.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle Bravo is amazing! In my opinion she is one Lymphatic Therapist that I would highly recommend. She is kind and caring. She helped me recover in a very natural and calm setting. Her attention to detail also helped my body and mind get healthier. She was there for my needs and she went far and beyond making sure she provided all that was necessary in my Lymphatic appointments. It has been an educational journey for me and a pleasure meeting someone like Michelle. Thank you! Looking forward in doing business again!

Maria P.
San Francisco, CA

Being new to aromatherapy, it was a wonder to experience how natural oils can help our body and mind. This, combined with Michelle’s intuitive approach to massage therapy, put all the stars in perfect alignment. Thanks, Michelle. I’ll be back!

Murph A.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is an incredible massage therapist. She is incredibly intuitive and skilled. I always look forward to my massages with her and leave feeling so incredibly relaxed. I highly recommend her.

A. M.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle is an incredible masseuse. She is caring, kind, and intuitive and she does a wonderful job of really assessing where your body needs attention and digs right in. Her knowledge and use of aromatherapy make the whole experience all the more rewarding and healing. Plus, she is a very nice person with a good heart. I recommend her without reservation.

Charlie S.
San Francisco, CA

We have only had great massages at EOS Massage. Michelle is very perceptive about the body and an extremely talented masseuse. We appreciate her holistic approach to finding out what your body needs. We guarantee that you will feel great when you leave a session.

Sandra Kelch and Donald Fortescue
Oakland, CA

sandra k.
Oakland, CA

EOS is literally a life saver!!! It is unbelievable how much Michelle helped me. I scheduled my liposelection procedure five weeks before I was going to leave for Mexico for a swimwear photoshoot. Needless to say that wasn’t the best idea concidering after the procedure not even my largest sweat pants fit me because of all of the swelling. However after I started working with Michelle the fluid almost melted off of me. Not only did she improve the appearance but it also helped with the pain and discomfort, after each session my flexability and movement felt better and better. Being that she has so much experience with post surgery patients she can really relate and help give you tips no matter what you have had done. I honestly cannot imagine going through this process without her and still work with her to this day. I highly recomend visiting Michelle with EOS!

Cassandra M.
San Carlos, CA

I have done numerous (too many to count) 90 min massage series with Michelle over the past 10 + years. I have referred family and friends as well with great feedback. I have used her after surgeries and for general aches and pains I have had throughout the years. She is without a doubt a miracle worker in releasing what ever has ailed me. She is very knowledgeable about the human body, lymphatic system and pressure points. That knowledge combined with the oil treatments has done wonders for me in improving my health and regaining flexibility and movement for my body and mind. She is the best and I recommend her highly!


A true master at her craft!! Michelle is amazing!! Michelle brings a complete balance of body, mind, and spirit with the knowledge of essential oils, her hands and learning a little bit about you before you get on the table. Whether you are visiting her for just some muscle work, lymphatic drainage or just some conversation she heals in every which way. If things get in the way of that healing process she helps you process those obstacles and helps you with that recovery.

I certainly enjoy every session with Michelle, I know you will enjoy them as well.

Sofia P.
San Francisco, CA

Michelle continues to amaze me after nearly a decade. Her mindfulness and awareness of what my body needs is staggering. This is hands down the best lymphatic drainage massage in San Francisco. I came to her for MLD many years ago and now I cannot image my life without her. Thank you. A millions times for what you do Michelle.

Jason P.
San Francisco, CA

I’ve now been going to life coaching and massage sessions with Michelle for more than two years! It’s crazy to look at my first review and think of how much I’ve personally grown and changed since then. For anyone thinking of paying her a visit: she is caring at all times while speaking the truth and guiding you through the questions you ask of her and of yourself. One of the best things about her is that she will not simply agree with you or coddle you- she’ll tell you what you actually need to hear, because she is far too genuine to give you anything less.

She always talks about how important it is to care for your body, and how taking care of yourself is the foundation of being there for others. Because of Michelle, I’m learning to do that for myself. Her aromatherapy spray mixes are a delightful part of treating my body well!

I constantly find myself talking about my experiences with Michelle with friends and recommending her to them- she’s been like a therapist as well as a healer who’s helped me ask questions of myself and the world around me that I never considered. I have made choices to become more open, accepting and forgiving with myself and others in my life because of the ways she’s challenged me to change my thinking. I’ve learned to have the courage to have honest, sometimes difficult, conversations with people, and to face past trauma, and she’s always made me feel comfortable and supported while I work through those experiences. I feel more like myself now than I have since I was a kid, and I’ve put a lot of therapy for anxiety, meditation and soul-searching, and all kinds of hard work into that growth. Michelle would probably be the first to point out how much of that hard work was mine and to make sure I am proud of myself for it- but her help on this path has been invaluable!

I can’t recommend her highly enough :).

Emily F.
San Francisco, CA

This was a far more holistic treatment than the kind of massage you get at a spa. Michelle spends a good amount of time in the appointment assessing your body’s unique elemental qualities and how they relate to your life experiences. She is amazingly intuitive and perceptive
The day after the session, I felt like I’d returned from an amazing vacation. I felt rejuvenated on many levels and could really feel the way that her work had freed up not just muscular tension, but fluids and emotions held in the body. Since my first treatment I’ve returned several times. Five stars all the way!

Shoshannah F

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Michelle. As soon as one walks into her clean, organized, lavender-smelling office, one feels relaxed. Michelle is very generous with her time and attention, sometimes spending extra time with her clients just to make sure they are fully taken care of. Depending on your situation LDM can be painful but Michelle connects with your body and balances the pain with gentle massaging moves, relaxing music and aromas. I highly recommend her services!

Anabelle Bolanos

Michelle offers great bodywork. The lymphatic massage is very unique and she uses very high quality oils to customize to how you are feeling and what your body needs. I highly recommend her as a regular client for years. She reminds you to take care of your body!

STYLEDASH Beauty Lounge

Michelle was great! Very lovely person. I enjoyed my session a great deal and got a lot out of it. I had some lightbulbs go off in relation to my astrology chart that I hadn’t done before and thought she was very kind.

Courtney Wilson

I have had issues with allergies as early as 7 years old. I booked a session for the first time with Michelle in December after a very busy travel schedule. All I can say is, WOW! I now go in to see Michelle once or twice a week just to stay on track with feeling better. The frog throat voice and puffiness I’ve kinda had all my life from allergies? Gone… I definitely recommend EOS Lymphatic Massage if you’ve had issues with allergies. Check her out. She’s the real deal.

SF Burg

Best decision I ever made on a whim was to contact Michelle and set up an appointment on a visit to SF last year! My only regret is that I don’t live in SF, because if I did, I would be a regular customer!! I felt completely rejuvenated, realigned, and ready to tackle another school year. Outstanding!

John Alexander

Michelle is an incredibly talented masseuse and a brilliant and sensitive holistic healer. Her rock-solid knowledge of aromatherapy perfectly complements her highly intuitive approach to healing. You should definitely give her a try.

Charlie Schlangen

I am really grateful I was able to discover Michelle’s practice. I first learned of the concept from my chiropractor who told me my lymph system was congested and needed clearing and this led me to search more about how you could accomplish this and found out about lymph drainage massage. I did a yelp search and came across Michelle’s practice. Lymph drainage is not a typical massage, but boy did it help me. It is a very specialized practice and very different from a regular massage but it works wonders for your health and well being. Michelle will also remind you of the importance of hydration and gives her clients a bottle or two of smart water to encourage them to stay on top of that. Another thing she does is create customized aromatherapy sprays that are good for concentration, energy, illness prevention and doesn’t charge extra for this which is amazing.

Brent Francia

Michelle is an incredible healer. She has a holistic approach to her bodywork, lymphatic massage, and aromatherapy practice. I would truly encourage anyone to go see her and have one of her services!

Aubrie Avila

I have been working with Michelle for 8 plus years, for life coaching and healing, Michelle understands how the body works and helps you to understanding your own body and life, I truly am blessed to have meet Michelle and continue too, lover her❤️

Daniel Hancock

Best massage ever, Michelle is caring compassionate and professional. Truly cares about making you better. Takes the time to get to know you.

Harold Chuhlantseff

Michelle has been working with me and my partner for the past two years. Initially, I sought her out for lymphatic massages because I had multiple episodes of mastitis during nursing years. Very quickly, Michelle and her wonderful body work and coaching work has become essential part of my self-care practices. Her wisdom and support touched many facets of my life, my partner and my children, my families all benefit from her work.

Michelle is very professional, she is attentive to scheduling, rescheduling, pre-bodywork checkin and post-bodywork followup. Michelle also spoils her client with many gifts and wise words.


Professional, knowledgeable, insightful, healing, massage for long term car accident injuries, natural products a plus towards self care. Highly recommend this incredible service.

Terrie Chan

Michelle was so warm and took her time with me to address everything that was bothering me. I will recommend her to all my friends. What a treasure she is.

Michelle L Morby
Local Guide

Consistently excellent massage and one of the smartest, sharpest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Can’t wait to read her book!

Kimberly Barry

There is nobody else like Michelle. She has absolutely changed my life! I feel very grateful to have learned about her practice and to have worked with her. She is incredibly attentive, professional, and sets and maintains the highest possible standards for excellence. She makes you feel at home right away and takes A+ care of you, from the Smart Water to the organic trail mix to the customized essential oils. If I could give her more than 5 stars, I would.

Caroline Ghosn

This place is magic , peaceful and empowering if I can give 10 stars I would

alejandra garcia
Local Guide

I attended Michelle’s workshop and came away with such a better understanding of myself and how I relate with others. Beyond a mere understanding, however, Michelle offers a framework of practical, actionable changes that result in self-care and mindful living. Her approach is both simple and profound. In addition, her interpersonal style is warm, caring and accepting while still being honest enough to promote needed change in a client’s life. I’m really looking forward to working with her further as I’m already noticing positive outcomes in my life as a result of the workshop.

Eric Christensen

I’ve seen Michelle several times now. I can’t say enough good about the experience. The coaching portion is amazing, insightful, inspiring. She gave me tools I can apply to real day to day life. And next, the body work! Other worldly. An experience like no other I’ve had, and I’ve had much body work over the years. Highly recommended!

Jason Phegley
Local Guide

Synchronicity at its most magical brought me to her door. Michelle is an unusual woman, in the best way. Surprising and completely genuine, she has really touched me. And I never walked out of anywhere smelling so good! My spirits have been lifted.

Lila Ryan

Michelle Bravo has revolutionized my life!

I have been working with her for two years and she has seen me through pre-op and post-op jitters, preparation, and self-care. I highly recommend receiving life coaching from her, in addition to her incredible skills with lymphatic massage and aromatherapy. I am a concert pianist and I tour for a living. Any time I pass through the Bay Area, I make an appointment, and I will admit to creating gigs in San Francisco just so I can have an appointment with her. She’s that good.

Stephanie Lynne Smith

Michelle is truly incredible and has healing hands. I literally hate being massaged but went because of a medical need ( swollen legs ).

Michelle has a genuine warm & caring personality AND did I mention healing hands !

Charles Pillay

I walked into Michelle’s office in pain after a serious car accident. Michelle took her time with the lymphatic massage work she did on the areas that needed it. I’m going back next week for another session to do deep tissue and energy work on my shoulder with her. Thanks, Michelle! You’re a life saver.

Neko Atsume

A more complete, holistic, and healing experience I have yet to discover! The integrated lymphatic bodywork Michelle provided was superb. I’ve received massages for years; Michelle’s techniques go far beyond anything I’ve received from other massage therapists. Michelle’s attention to detail and ability to anticipate my every need (and keep me amply warm the whole tme!) made my session tremendous. The high grade essential oils, the calming space, and her therapeutic touch all worked to create my best massage experience ever. Thank you Michelle!

Sacha Fernandes

I recently went back to have a massage with Michelle after 6 years and I’m continually impressed with her education and experience as a therapist. Michelle keeps herself current in her craft which I find very helpful in an age where technology and lack of self awareness exists in our lives. Michelle believes in helping people grow as a human being even challenging one to explore oneself for self growth. Some people might not appreciate the help and that’s ok she may not be a provider for you.

I appreciate the self discovery and welcome Michelle’s approach to challenge myself to grow as an individual. If one isn’t ready then you may never be ready to open yourself to such a thoughtful caring process.

I highly recommend Michelle for help in a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Sofia Mayorga

I was referred to EOS (Lymphatic Massage) by my surgeon. I had the opportunity to work with Michelle following two surgeries, and all I can say is WOW. Michelle is professional, intuitive, and a wonderful to work with. Her understanding of the human body, massage, and aromatherapy is comprehensive–she knows her stuff. And her energy is comforting, soothing and healing for the body and soul.
It’s my pleasure to recommend Michelle and EOS (Lymphatic Massage).

Mark Etheredge


(415) 777-0100