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lipo, breast augmentation,
Brazilian butt lift, face lift &
other cosmetic procedures!
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Specializing in pre & post op
EOS Lymphatic Massage™
for over 10 years
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Experience the Double Detox™ of EOS™ Lymphatic Massage Experience the Quintuple Detox™ effect
of EOS Lymphatic Massage™
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Experience the Double Detox™ of EOS™ Lymphatic Massage Post-op recovery at a snail’s pace?
Heal faster with EOS Lymphatic Massage™
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All EOS Lymphatic Massages™
include aromatherapy from
certified aromatherapist
Michelle Bravo.
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EOS Lymphatic Massage™

Michelle Bravo has specialized in Pre and Post-Operative EOS Lymphatic Massage™ in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. The detoxifying, regenerative benefits of EOS Lymphatic Massage™ help your whole Body heal faster.

The Body Astrology™

The Body Astrology™ is a dynamic lifestyle coaching methodology developed in 2012 by Michelle Bravo. Sign-up for information on Michelle’s upcoming book, The Body Astrology™.

EOS Lymphatic Massage™ Aromatherapy

Michelle provides office-safe aromatherapy consultation and services after an in-depth assessment of each client’s needs and goals. Ask about EOS Lymphatic Massage™ aromatherapy trainings and demonstrations for your organization.


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